How does Adam Rita keep his job????????

Based on the foul-ups (continual) in Toronto, how does Rita keep his job. They do not have an experienced qb. to start the year. What a disaster and the CFL , like it or not, needs to have a successful team in Toronto.
Stompin' Tom Connors would do a better job or even Don Cherry.

If Jim Barker the HC wanted an experienced qb, he would have kept the 3 on the team from last year or he would approach Rita to get him one. Barker believes there are no available CFL quarterbacks that can help his team.

Adam Rita seems to be the axle on which the revolving door in Toronto makes its way around, doesn't he? I think he's a pretty good GM in terms of finding young guys but where he makes his mistake is constantly signing NFL retreads that never amount to anything and make him look like a giant tool. He has never really put together an offense worth writing home about, though, and in the end if you can't find offensive talent you cant be successful long term in this league.

Who say,s the QB,s the Argo,s have signed will not be able to do the job? Obviously Barker will not want to go with retread,s.Who will not be better than what they now have. the upside in Branagan, and Dalton Bell is their age,. Lemon could start the season with either Bell or Branagan being the #1 in November.

Let's face it, most of us think the Argos are a joke, with Cinnamon Sok mo so me so Much Lowski who didn't have a clue what they were doing as much as they were good guys but basically cleaning products and real estate boys, which is fine BUT, well, enough said. Way over their head with pro sports. Braley is a whole different owner, this guy is serious and committed to the CFL and understands it. And breathes it.

I'm scared poopless of the Argos and what they could become over the next few years with Braley there, he will make Pinball into a better president, the entire organization. Very interesting. C & S got lucky in their first year because they had a Damon Allen, now the real work begins to see if the Argos are for real contenders for Earl Grey's mug. We'll see. The jury is out.

Can I get the English translation of that, Earl? :lol:

As for Rita... who knows. He should've been let go when the Argos cleaned house earlier, but somehow he survived.

does anyone know how many winning teams adam has been part of. I would think at least a few.

I can think of one here in BC.

This is a bit of a side story...but is it, or is it not an open secret that Rita smokes the wacky tabacky.
If not mary jane ...then he uses a whole lot of prescription drugs...
He is obviously on something....
They interview him on the team 1040 here in Vancouver ....then spend the next hour laughing at how burned out he sounds.
How any CFL team can employ this guy, truely is embarrasing.

He must have pictures as clearly he is out of his element for the last several years.

AR has done a lot of good in this league and has been good for the league

he deserves a lot more respect than this dissing from you ignorant yahoos.

This is pro football. It has no friends, no pity and whatever merit Adam Rita had does not justify him keeping his job in Toronto. He does not deserve after 5 years of constant disapointment. Assaulting a reporter last year should have got him thrown out of the league but his buddy Brailey keeps bailing him out... Rita is as much the cause of the failure in the last ownership as anything else.

thats crap. argos have been bad only the last 2 yrs. Do you suggest that for any team that doesnt win the cup in 5 yrs, the GM should be fired? during the last 6 yrs, the argos were first twice and second twice, one of those losing a tiebreaker with montreal. Every team will take their turns with 2 bad seasons, no matter who is at the helm, or on the sidelines. That doesnt erase the success AR has had in this league.

Was referring to signings like Andre "Bad Moon" Rison (sp?) and Ricky Williams. Flashy signings that for the most part are terrible and designed to attract fans.

Note: I didn't say Rita was a bad GM, I DO think he's a bad GM for Toronto.

Edit: keeping in mind that idiot owners were probably running the show for the longest time.

He verbally assaulted Naylor if that's what you're referring to and he was fined for it (although not enough IMO). I don't recall reading anything from last season that he physically assaulted anyone.

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This article has everything you need to know about Adam Rita....

you are nuts. this article has nothing at all.

you gotta be pretty desperate to try using this article as amunition.

Adam Rita is likely gone after this season, and Barker will move into his role. They Argo's likely don't want to be paying the salaries of half the coaching staff of previous years along with the current staff. There's no Canadian depth on the Argo's and that blame falls onto the GM.

Because of its size and uniqueness, people tend to survive longer than they should in the CFL as there is no training grounds, In any other business Rita would have been retired already. Right now he's the guy who knows where all the skeletons are buried and he's got a year left on a contract. Based on what they offered Milanovich, the bottom line is already improved by 250 to 500k. Next year the Argos will take Rita's salary and put it towards Tillman's or Popp's...

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