How does a QB...

…call an emotional impromptu team meeting to implore that everyone pull together and act like a team and then goes out and poops his pants like that?..un-facking-believeable…

The big question is whether Hank will start next week or will we see Tate?

I'd like to see Tate get the start, but I have a gut feeling that Huff will stick with Burris, but pull him quickly if he starts stinking the place up.

Perhaps he thought he was at the top of his game until he realised after a few snaps that he forgot to put on also the protective undergarment just in case, and well you can fill in the rest just as apparently he did his own pants.

Anyway I sure hope you guys stick with Burris given how Tate was playing. :smiley:

I've seen every game DREW TATE played in College and can assure you guys that BURRIS is not even in TATE's league. Burris cannot read a defense at all, has no touch, is inaccurate, is clumsy, is not smart, Cgy receivers love TATE--

TATE is the man, he is quick, has accuracy, can hit short passes, has good deep touch, can look off, etc the list goes on and on--

BURRIS playing like crap as usual was best thing ever for the STAMPS--

Now they can actually score points--