How do you treat your rivals?

Welcome Back Saskargo, This Site Wasn't The Same Without. This Is The First Post Of Yours I've Seen Since The New Forum Format And It's Fitting That It's For A Rivalery Subject. Anyways It's Good To Have You Back And I Look Forward To All The Antics (Good Natured Of Coarse) That You Bring With You.

Well, if you go into a stadium wearing the opposing team's colours, you know you're setting yourself up for a razzing.

I've been to a number of games at SkyDome, and was always treated better than most Argo fans get treated at Ivor Wynne. Once after a particularly bad (45-8!) Argo humiliation at the hands of my powerhouse Cats, a dejected fan at the bus station looked at me with disgust and said "Ticats suck." I just laughed and said, "yeah", but he retorted with a particularly hostile "THEY DO!" I gotta tell ya, I was a little scared that he was going to come after me, but that was as far as it went.

Actually I just wanted to tell that story so I could mention the Cats beating the Argos. It's been a while.

Some of the Rider fans I've been to games with are hilarious! I swear, they are normal people but get depressed as hell when their team is playing. Total gluttons for punishment!

And I'm going down to Calgary this Labor Day and I'm wearing lots of green and gold... I'm just looking to have fun. And I'm going to make fun of the Flames like I usually do when I'm in Calgary. :wink:

If someone wants to fight or make something of it, I'll just hold my tongue and move on to somewhere where I will have a better time.

My seats are on the visitor's side of the stadium, so I see a lot of the opponent's fans. My attitude is I'm glad they're there. In one case, I had an extremely obnoxious fan fron another team waving flags in people's faces, yelling abuse at Argo fans and just being an all-round jackass. I told him to sit down and shut up, but for the most part I find the other team's fans very easy to get along with.

It's all hit and miss, depending on the section you're in you can have a great game sitting with a fan of the other team, or there might be a fight and someone ends up hurt (or dead, which has happened down here).

1985....N.Y.C.....Madison Square Garden......I'm there for an Islanders-Rangers game, sitting in the cheap seats with my Islanders jersey. Should have known it was going to be a bad night when a NYC cop saw me walking in and asked if i "had a death wish".

After the Islanders lost by a score of 9-2 someone a row or two behind me dumped pizza and beer on me, I SAW RED and wanted to fight all 5,000 cheap seat drunken bum New Yorkers and rip there heads off !(but I digress)...That same NYC cop got in between me and all those idiots, and instead of helping me out of the building faced me to the escalator AND PUSHED!!

I caught myself half way down the moving stairs but not after some serious cuts and bruises. In a free country I should be able to wear my teams jersey anywhere I want with the knowledge that I will be free from bodily harm. But...when the cops won't even help you it's a pretty sad day.

I have never been back the Garden since. :evil:

Pretty civil?! Ha! I guess that’s easy to say when you’re cheering for the Bombers. A couple of summers ago, I went & watched the Bombers/Riders play, I was cheering for the Riders. The Bombers barely won the game by 2 pts. & after the game I had Sunflower seeds thrown at me, empty glasses, etc & all I was doing was cheering on my team. As we were walking back to the car I had people yell at me “Riders suck!” I kept my mouth shut by I wanted to say something b/c it hadn’t been an easy win for the Bombers.

I have been to alot of Eskimos and Stamps games. I live just outsde of Calgary and I am a Eskimos fan, and all the games I have been to in Calgary I have always had fun and have been treated kindly to. So thanks Stampeder fans.