How do you treat your rivals?

While reading the "Don't hate Riders fans" post, I recalled a game last year, after which two Riders fans were laughed at, mocked, and insulted by some of our crowd.

The Alouettes had win the game, but it hadn't been an easy one. We had to rely on three (Anwar Stewart) QB sacks in the last Saskatchewan drive to make sure this game was ours. Still a lot of people treated these two Regina fans like they were less than shit.

I really felt bad. I went to them and say: "You know, we ain't all the same. I think it's great that you follow your team around. Not too many of these so-called fans would invest time and money to follow their team when its out of town." They smiled and said "Don't worry, we're used to it. It's like that just about everywhere."

So it got me thinking. How do you treat the visiting team fans when they hit your town? Shouldn't these fans be recognized as the greatest fans around for they use their time off work and money to show complete dedication to their team?

.........a little different out here in the west 3/10 in that most (99%?) of the rider fans at McMahon actually live in Calgary, so you really can't admire their 'effort' to come to the game..........probably the same for Edmonton, Vancouver and Winnipeg.......when you have opposing teams fans in your general proximity it really depends I guess on the situation, and how they react .......I remember one game a couple of years ago where a couple of edmonton fans were two rows behind us during the labour day game and they were hilarious, even though edmonton was absolutely schooling calgary in the game........everyone took it in good stride and even though the game was bad these guys actually made it fun...........too bad all scenarios can't be the same........

Well I dont know why someone would laugh at them, unless the score was a blowout for Montreal. But as far as razzing them, I think that just comes with the territory. Just a little friendly arguing(though I know quite a few take it too far). Personally, I love being the loud fan cheering for the rival team. I'm a Stamps fan, and have my tix to go see the Lions in BC on July 29th. After that, I'm going into the eye of the storm, when I go up to Edmonton on September 9th to see my Stamps take on the Eskies at Commonwealth.

I've only been to one other Calgary/Edmonton game at Commonwealth(2003). And even though the Stamps lost 38-0(right smackdab in the middle of the Feterik Era), I had a blast. Arguing, yelling, almost getting in a scrap at one point(I didn't start it. Some drunk idiot just came over to me in all my Stamps apparel, and tried to throw me over the railing) was great. I can't wait for this year! If the home crowd WASN'T hostile towards me, it would totally take the fun out of it for me(to an extent of course. If someone jumps on me and I get gang tackled, that's of course going way too far).

In Regina it depends on what section you sit in. If you sit in section 28 (the university section) it can get pretty intense, including lots of fights. I would recommend if you're coming out of hand don't sit here unless you're a Rider fan who likes to party (they stand the whole game, chant, and drink copious amounts of alcohol) or are a fan who isn't going to reveal who you're cheering for.

Everywhere else it's ok but at points can get out of hand.

It also depends on whether or not you are a blue bombers fan. They usually get insulted the worst.

In the section I sit in there is a guy with a drum who plays a you suck chant everytime the Riders score. It's always directed at our opponents fans. They always seem to laugh.

Of course if an opponent's fans starts the insulting that's when it can get really nasty.

You bring up a very interesting topic. I’ve been to away games and was treated kindly by the opposing team fans. Now I’am not talking hugs and kisses, but a little jawring. Which makes for some entertainmetn if you don’t take it to heart. By the way this was in Buffalo, NY. Then i has the complete opposite in Montreal. First off they booed our national anthem which i would rather have someone spit in may face than have that happen.(even though we cheered for theres at our place) Like i have control over what my government does. Then a few drunkin fans wanted to start a fight which is senseless because I’am there not to fight just support my team. If you think I’am traveling all that way to get tossed out of the game your nuts. This topic goes two ways. Cheer for your team, but don’t do it excessive and obnoxiously. And if your the home team treat the person how you would want to be treated at their place. The people that pull this crap are a bunch of thugs and they really don’t care for there team. There just there to start trouble. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’am too into the game to notice opposing teams fans. The only thing that is relavent is what is happening on the playing field.

I went with alot of bomber fans to the bomber playoff games against the riders a couple of years back and i chear for the riders. I must say, no problems there. Winnipeg fans were very classy in my opinion, or maybe it was because there was roughly 3000 rider fans there. either way, good experience

I'm with you on this Peter. As a football fan, i go to the game to enjoy the game. And anyway, i am too polite to start insulting another fan, whatever team he cheer for.

That remember me a game i went to McGill 4 years ago. The Als beat Hamilton pretty badly. At the end of the game i get closer to the field to see the players, and some of the Als fan begin to shout " McMannus you suck". I was so ashamed... When Mac went by near to get out, i had to shout "Good game Mac". He might have take it as an ironic shout though :mrgreen:

I personaly try to keep it respectful and all in good fun. I always poke fun of the opposing team, but thats just it poking fun. Some people take it too far. I've had seats in the University sec at taylor field many many times, and for the most part it is all in good fun. I have shaken hands with fans from other teams many times, after losses and wins.
as for being in an opposing teams backyard I only really have one experience to speak of, and that was in Edm last year in the west semi. There was about 5 of us, and we were loud and drunk, but I think we were hilarious. and so did most of the other edmonton fans, I say most. Some fans just can't take being beat, and can't take it when you bug em about it while its happening. we had multiple people try to get under our skin but we were there for a good time, noit to fight. After we won we had people come up to us and spill beer on us, and we had people come and shake our hands and tell us to go win the grey cup. I know it wasn't the real fans that dumped the crap on us so I didn't care, cause those people mean nothing to me, the CFL lives on in the people that shake hands after the game, and poke fun, but are their to cheer on their team and watch good football.

So far...knock on would, when I've gone to BC Place, the rival fans are annoying, but respectful and we all trade barbs with each other, all in good fun. (The noisiest honour goes to those Toronto fans that shout "AAArrrrgooooosssss") Usually they take on my Grandson who has a quick wit about him (He's 14) and it's all in good fun.

Treat you rivals like shit ! That's what I say, unless your team goes down hard aganist them, in which case you copimment them, take some shit from them, then yell at your team for how bad they played.

Example: Winnipeg and Saskatchwan last week.

Toronto's Fans Tend To Be Pretty Calm Towards Outsiders. However I Remember For Last Years Quater-Final Game There Was Close To 30 Ejections/Arrests. By The 4th Quater The Police Had To Stand On Gaurd At Section 126/127.
Me And My Buddy Dress Up In All The Gear, Facepaint, Helmets Etc. And For Last Years Labour Day Classic While We Were Romming The Streets Near Ivor Wynn To Argo Fans Came Up To Us, Drunk Off Their Asses, Spouting Stuff About How Much The Tabbies Suck. I Asked One Of The Guys About A Plastic Ear That Was Pinned To His Jersey, He Explained That A Few Years Earlier He Got Into A Fight At The Game And Showwed Me The Part Of His Ear That Had Been Bitten Off. So As Long As There Are No Perminent Injuries Or Mike Tyson Like Fights Rivalries Are Great, And They Are What Makes The CFL So Great.

in the NHL playoffs 2 years ago, when Calgary and Vancouver went 7 games, a bunch of people I know went to a game in Calgary, and were spit on, and some guy dumped a coke all over his $200 Canucks jersey.

Then in Vancouver some Flames fan got beat up outside GM place and sent to Hospital.

Last year at the Grey Cup was hilarious though, I was sitting in a section full of Bomber fans, and I've never seen so many 40 year old men act like such jack asses in my life. They even stole a case of Tums, and when asked to give it back, another guy took the case and ripped it open tossing bottles to people all over the section. Was more entertaining then anything.

I like a loud mouth fan as much as the next guy, and idiots can make you laugh. But phyical assault and property damage make me sick, though it's pretty rare.

The worst thing I ever heard was the Rider fans threatening thier kicker's family and dumping manure on his lawn.

Worst fan incident was back in the 80’s, the Bomber mascots came to BC Place. One drunk fan hopped over the wall and assaulted the mascot. If that wasn’t bad enough, we found out that it was a Girl in the mascot outfit. What a black eye for BC that incident was.

Speaking of which…Open invitation! Bombers: I enjoyed your Mascot’s enteratinment way back then. If they are still as entertaining in 2005 as they were in the 80’s, Feel free to bring both of them along!

I used to sit in the University Section at Taylor Field. There was quite a mix of the good and the bad. It is always nice when you can poke fun and have a luah, but booze always has a bad impact.

The worst I ever saw was once time when Montreal was in town and there were some exchange students in town from Quebec. The Univ section fans were terrible to them, made fun of their culture, even made one girl cry. I was so embarrassed. Here they are coming to SK to learn about us and that is how we treated them. In the end, Montreal came from behind to beat us in the fourth quarter. Although I am a Rider fan, I was happy for the exchange student because they got the last laugh on the jerks that were rude to them.

There are idiots in Toronto.
There are idiots in Winnipeg.
There are idiots in Regina.
There are idiots everywhere.

One of the best times I've had at a game was when I was sitting next to a Calgary fan - and we had a great time. I've even bought the beer for a Sask Fan in the line ahead of me. If you jibe at a fan of the other team, do it in fun and respect. And when you get jibed at in return, treat it like your freind calling you a name at a party. Laugh, have fun, but don't get carried away.
I know this post is sombre and preachy but no one deserves abuse at something as much fun as a football game. I'm embarrassed sometimes at how serious some people get in defending the colour of their hats.
Oh yeah. That game I was at was a Calgary win. The Calgary guy agreed with me that it was one of the best games of the year and we shook hands.

At CanadInns I think Bomber fans are usually pretty civil towards opposing fans. Rider fans usually get heckled a bit, especially if they're in the student section. The only time I ever remember things getting out of hand was in 2003 when we hosted the Western quarterfinal and the Riders came into town on a cold, cold night and laid an ass-whooping on us. A bunch of drunk Bomber fans took the liberty of getting some Rider fans to piper down after the game, there was a big scrap in the parking lot. I'm sure Rider fans would have similar stories regarding Bomber visits. Although they wouldn't have any from play-off time....Nyuk Nyuk.

I've been to alot of games in Edmonton, Calgary and Regina when the Lions are there and I can't recall a bad moment in any of those cities. I've had some of the best back and forth jawing and ribbing with home fans beside me but it's all in fun and we know it. We have beers together and have some good bs sessions during the game. Win or lose, I'm the same guy so as long as fans dish it out, they better be able to take it.

See you all in Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg and Ottawa this year.

One of the funniest things I saw at a Lions' home game last season was when the Argos were here, they have this contest where a fan puts on an Air Canada plane suit and gets blind folded and the fans cheer to help him find the X within a time limit to win a trip with Air Canada and the PA announcer tells the contestant is from TO so the fans cheered him away from the X. Couldn't stop laughing.

I have never bashed a T-cat fan on this site.
I love bugging those guys who think those green jerseys look cool though!!!

I guess I get off the hook at McMahon being a Ti-Cats fan. There is no bad blood there. Maybe around 98, 99 there was some jerks because we split a Grey Cup series. But I also understand that I'm in there home. They have no responsibily to make me feel welcome. Regardless of what some fans believe, my ticket does not give me the right to do what ever I want in McMahon. I'm there to cheer for my team. I could care less about about anyone else.

Surprisingly enough, the worst I got it was at Skydome. Doug Flutie was in the middle of destroying the Stampeders and some Argos fans got in our face because we were trashing the NFL...actually, I guess it wasn't that surprising.