How do you spell Charlies name???

I have seen it spelled
Taaffe I think is the proper spelling.

He does have a great resume, but does he fit in the catergory of "young coach". Somone that will be here for years??
He was CFL coach of the year two years in a row, I believe the only 2 years he coached in the CFL.

I think a bright young mind like Chapdelain would be great, but he does not fit the bill for a coach with CFL head coaching experience. So who knows??

I did find this VERY old note on Taaffe.
He was however proven innocent:

Taaffe Is Acquitted

Published: February 7, 1997
CHARLIE TAAFFE, a former Citadel football coach, was acquitted yesterday, the second time in four years he has been cleared of drunken driving.

The Mount Pleasant, S.C., Town Judge, LARRY DUFFY, who heard the nonjury trial, said prosecutors failed to persuade him that Taaffe was under the influence when he was stopped last July 27 after running a red light.


Oski Wee Wee,