How do you rank the new jerseys?

FYI - The traditional Bomber blue is navy. That was the colour of the jerseys for a lot of years. If people want the royal blue they'll have to wait until next year when the retros come out.

Were black and gold and wear white on the road but whatever makes you happy. Just my opinion thats all. I wish the Peg braintrust did what many wanted and went back to the traditional blue the Bombers used to wear
And if white ain't a Bomber colour, tell me again why the team has a white "W" on its helmet and shoulder.
I was going to ask that as well but didnt want to stir the pot with our Bomber friends :wink:
Because if the "W" was blue, it would be an exact duplicate of the University of Washington logo...


  1. Bombers - LOVE the gold sleeve, cant understand the hate its getting...
  2. Argos - Sharp and modern with a retro feel.
  3. Cats - see the Argos.
  4. Riders - Doesnt look like a golf shirt to me. Like the stipe-less sleeves
  5. Stamps - Like the black side panels
  6. Eskies - Classic look, would have prefered it with no logo on the sleeve
  7. Als - Wasnt broken, didnt get fixed... smaller text would have been better
  8. Lions - A little dull, but it wasnt broken either


  1. Argos - Same reasons as above
  2. Cats - Ditto
  3. Riders - Like the reverse of the home jersey
  4. Bombers - Dont mind the gold at all.
  5. Als - See above
  6. Eskies - Maybe a little too much green. Sleevs OR side panels would be better, not both!
  7. Stamps - Dont like the red shoulders, or the alternate logo.
  8. Lions - Nothing wrong with it, just a bit plain.

Well done Reebok!

Will the Stamps be wearing black helmets on the road again in 2012?

Shows how much you know - the University of Washington's colours are purple and gold.

Yeah that Royal Blue is the one I was hoping they would use this year

Of course its going to look like that when its not on a player, looking at the picture of Hughs, Mckenzie, Woldu and Dressler they look really good, one of the more modernized jerseys to come out of the re-engenieered cylce

Yea, and the Stamps are red & white... no, wait a minute... we're red & black now...

Let’s resurrect this post after we’ve seen them in a few games.

ALMOST agree with below, except I would switch up Edmonton and BC. Hamilton's is indeed the best, and yes, like tcmike I am also a homer.

That's hilarious (and shockingly accurate)!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: