How do you rank the new jerseys?

  1. Hamilton- nice simple and clean retro style
  2. Edmonton- love the homes and bringing back the stripes. The aways are a nice modern look. Could've turned out a lot worse
  3. Toronto- a nice retro look. Like the light blue colour.
  4. Calgary- again a lot more simple than their previous uniforms. Nice to see the "bib" gone.
  5. BC- didn't change much, but were very distinct and decent looking before anyways.
  6. Montreal- pretty nice uniforms before, but I would've liked to have seen a few more changes/improvements
  7. Saskatchewan- Fore!!! The home jersey belongs on a golf course.
    8.Winnipeg- gold aways? not a fan of those at all. The sleeves look way too busy.
  1. Argos
  2. Eskies
  3. Tiger Cats
  4. Blue Bombers
  5. Alouettes
  6. Roughriders
  7. Stampeders
  8. Lions
  1. Eskimos
  2. Blue Bombers
  3. Argos
  4. Stampeders
  5. Ti-Cats
  6. Lions
  7. Alouettes
  8. Riders
:thup: :

Ticats (Tradition galore plus a really sharp look)
Argos (Old jerseys weren't bad but a little more tradition never hurts)

:| :

Stamps (although they need to lose their obsession with black pants; white/red is SO much better)!
Riders (not awful but NOTHING beats the classics worn by them in their last 2 Grey Cup appearances)


Eskimos(away jersey only)
Bombers (gold jersey; really?)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Calgary Stampeders
Sask. Roughriders
Montreal Alouettes
British Columbia Lions
Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Toronto Argonauts

To me HAMILTON's are # 1 :thup:

I really don't like EDMONTON's away jersey. :thdn:


And why do you have Calgary and Ottawa separated? I thought those were the Ottawa jersey when I first them. :wink:

cuz Edmontons are terrible, they dont deserve to be on the list. LOL

Just joking i forgot to put them on. they would be 10th right behind Halifax

1# Toronto - best uniform in the league
2# Montreal - was a fan of the old uniform, happy it had minor changes
3# BC - I like it its very basic, but I love the orange look, happy they haven't strayed from it
4# Hamilton - Its a cool jersey looks very retro and modern, happy no stupid stripes
5# Edmonton - Its actually a cool jersey, just don't like that it looks even more like the Green Bay Packers
6# Winnipeg - the home jersey actually looks good, the road one well Im still getting used to it
7# Calgary - it's an improvement from the last uniform, but it looks like a jersey from the English Premier League not the CFL
8# Saskatchewan - I was hoping for them to take a page what the Argos did, instead have a nasty looking golf shirt, fail fail fail

best - Toronto
worst - Saskatchewan
most disappointed - Calgary

I actually suspected that. I'm still not sure if I hate their away jersey or not. I think so. Maybe if they had gone with yellow instead of green on the side panels? And stayed with the yellow helmet?

1-argos away jersey
2-argos home jersey
3-ticats away jersey
4-ticats home jersey
5-eskimos home jersey

all others should have been left alone.

  1. Hamilton. Most significant changes and nicest to look at. Yeah im a homer :thup:
  2. Toronto. Really 1b as they are much nicer than they have been in the past.
  3. Edmonton should have kept the away style the same as the home but better than the others.
  4. BC. Simple design not too flashy. Looks professional and traditional.
  5. Calgary. Never been a fan since they incorporated black but better than the last 3 teams
  6. The Montreal across the chest is way too big. Like the retro's much better.
  7. Sask...............not sure what I think
  8. Winnipeg. Too busy and gold for away is just wrong.

Why don't people make 2 rankings (one for home, one for away).

And tcmike, white ain't a Bomber colour - we're blue and gold and that's what we're wearing.

The above is home Jerseys....
below is the road jerseys...

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Toronto
  3. Edmonton
  4. Hamilton
  5. Saskatchewan
  6. Montreal
  7. B.C.
  8. Calgary
  1. Ham.
  2. Wpg.
  3. Edm.
  4. Tor.
  5. Sask.
  6. B.C.
  7. Calg.
  8. Mtl.

Were black and gold and wear white on the road but whatever makes you happy. Just my opinion thats all. I wish the Peg braintrust did what many wanted and went back to the traditional blue the Bombers used to wear

And if white ain't a Bomber colour, tell me again why the team has a white "W" on its helmet and shoulder.

I was going to ask that as well but didnt want to stir the pot with our Bomber friends :wink:

I don't know why people are saying riders jersey looks like a golf shirt, it maybe does when it's not on a player but when it is with pads and what not it looks awesome!

Home Jersey rank: Toronto, Hamilton, Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary, Montreal, BC (all they did was take out the piping? Now it's just.. Orange

Away Jersey Rank: Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton, Calgary, Edmonton, BC, Montreal

Biggest Overhaul: Winnipeg
Most disappointed : BC/Montreal

Overall they look great ! No more cookie cutter, looking forward to the 3rd jerseys in the future