How do you quote a poster in here?

Fellow CFL’ers. I need your help. This is not football related. I noticed that most of you have mastered the technique of including quotes from other posters in your eloquent rebuttals. I’ve tried to “select the text” instructions to include these fine dissertations in my responses or new posts, but have been unsuccessful to date. I was able to do as such in the previous incarnation of this forum, but am inept here in this new version of debate. :?
Any suggestions from the CFL’ers Fellowship? :?:

Go Rens Go!!

Click on the QUOTE button on the lower right hand corner of the post

You can also check quote last post on the left side of the reply box

Over quoting can be a P I T A
I have seen a quote of a quote of a quote. Its hard to tell where the quotes end and the new point starts

Thanks r01313!