How do you get more people in the seats?

Ok everyone.. season is coming to a close, playoffs approach.

For most cities in the CFL.. there are a lot of empty seats...

Simple question.

What needs to be done to increase fans in their seats?

First, get officials that call the game by the rules, if your going to call penaltys on one team make sure your calling them the same on the other team. Second, train officials to know the game, pay them for training, treat them like professionals and then review games with them to show them where they've made mistakes and if they continue to make the same mistakes punish them on their paychecks, at the same time reward them for games called without controversy. Third, get a commissioner who cares about each and every team, not just a couple of teams like the current guy who knows nothing about the teams, fans and CFL communities. For me, I've been a season ticket holder for 11 years and in past seasons I've lived CFL but the last 2 seasons have turned me off completely and so I now watch my local teams games and I couldnt care less if there is a game on with other teams. Heck, I'd rather watch golf. Lastly, Andre proux being the most biast ref anywhere has to go. This is such a bush league.

Id say part of the problem is that all but 2 teams (Calgary and BC) are at best mediocre and at worst downright bad. Edmonton and Winnipeg are mediocre teams barely playing over .500 hundred, the east and saskatchewan are all terrible teams this year. When you have such disparity most teams are not going to be a big draw. There needs to be more parity in the league for games this time of year to be interesting.

You also have to factor in that the hockey season started and in Canada hockey will likely always be the biggest sell particularly when it's up against a bad team in the area. In Montreal the habs are off to a great start and the als have been a hot mess for years now, in Toronto the argos are terrible and so are the leafs but it's a much more exciting form of terrible than they've been in the past, Edmonton has a mediocre team in the Esks whereas the oilers look to have an actual team now. Calgary the situation is reversed but the stamps havent had a meaningful game to play in a long time as a result of being so much better than everyone else

You sell as many season tickets as you can and then it doesn't matter if they don't show up.
You also hope that teams are always in a playoff run or battling for first place, you don't want teams announcing that the game is not important and they are playing backup players as if it's a pre-season game.
You pay good money to go to a CFL game and then the team turns around and decides not to play their best players? that's not right.
If they announce that the game next weekend means nothing and they are going to rest players then don't be surprised if the fans don't show up.

With 9 teams your going to have 3 or 4 teams under 500, no avoiding that. Prolonged losing as in WPG has hurt but the averaging 25 26 k after years of awful teams isn't all that bad. Wade Miller has really enhanced the game day celebrations. The Tailgate and other pregame festivities has made game day a fun environment. Teams need to sell the fans on the entire game day experience.

Be cutting edge and go virtual with the human hologram for empty seats :smiley:

You missed a great season I tuned out on three games because of the score and woke up to find all three had dramatic comebacks. There has been fantastic finishes and over time games . 2014 was the worst game play I have ever seen . 2015 was better but it was still below par except for two or three teams . 2016 has been a pleasant surprise for the most part .

Like to whine eh ? How do you know the commissioner doesn’t know all the teams ? Link ? You,re a fickle fan and so long you won’t be missed and are irrelevant!

Sorry Kasps but lashbera brings up some great points. I'm 54 today, wow frigging 54, anyhow I've been following the CFL since I was about seven. My wife is 11 years younger but has been a fan all her life. I grew up in an Argo family in Mississauga and my wife a Stamps family in Calgary. She was almost born at McMahon.
We have both felt like the league is messed right now especially with it's officiating and the way Jeff Porriage is running the show. I hate the new marketing with changing of the CFL logo especially. The Grey Cup logos as well. We don't want to be like the NFL!!! The team and CFL sites are horrible and teams have their own personality. The constant moving of players and coaches from team to team pisses me off. Just looking at the top of this page and that logo is a joke!
It doesn't help that the quality of play other then in Calgary has blown this year. I'm sure that has to due with player turnover. Look at solid Calgary who always has a plan for the future where as on the other hand Barker and Milo have rammed the Good Ship Argonaut into a rocky outcrop and have sunk it. No plan and fly by the seat of your pants doesn't bring fans flocking to BMO. At least they won't lose this week because they have a bi week.
Hell even in the Grey Cup ad the dude must be from the US because he can't even say Toronto right. It's got to be believable.
As far as Argo marketing I think there tv ads need to be simplified to players hitting on the field and a few tailgate shots. This deal with players running through the streets won't appeal to fringe fans. Plus as far as TO you can't have games on every friggin night of the week. They need to be on weekends as football and beer and partying are tied together. We have to get back to the blue collar appeal not to Bay St suits who don't give a shat.

I agree with going after the blue collar guy but I really liked the ads and the game day experience next to Rogers was night and day . You need family prices those 40 dollar tickets in the family zone need to be cheaper and give them a hotdog and coke while there at it .

The key really is to get a family bringing their kids. That how I was hooked as a kid. Why not toss together a family pack with food and drink coupons.

From a strictly scheduling standpoint they need to get some better nights and cut down on the weekday/Thursday night games. We only have 4 games a week there's really no need for those. Hopefully that improves for the Argos next year.

The CFL is no different than any other sporting league. All sporting league has issues with attendance and who cares? it doesn't affect anything.

It's the economy stupid.:slight_smile:

I know the Australian League Football is night and day different but the population supports their teams for a limited population . 7 million in attendance and 34,000 average says it’s a legitimate sport unique only to Australia but still
loved by the Ausies .

Maybe it’s time to tweek our sport just a little more . The rules with solid differences with the American version
are unique .

Maybe we should just tweek a few more rules opening up the offence just a little more making it even more different than the NFL version .

In 2014 I was going to give up on the CFL it was just a dud . Penalties and lack of offence was killing the entertainment value . I was one that thought about giving up and changing our rules to 4 downs as the offence was
horrible .Now in 2016 the offence is taking off again and making it a more palatable product. Get rid of a few challenges (not all) and it will keep the speed up .

The CFL will remain a 20,000 to 30,000 attendance league we have to accept that however more teams are needed and the perception of the league in Vancouver and Toronto needs to be changed . The real change is we need a few more cities capable of filling a 20,000 seat stadium . The league needs a enima when it comes to expansion within our country .

The branding as the top league of our version of football like the Australian rules version is one way .Our history of football is unique to the US brand is imperative in making the CFL competitive within our own sports landscape by changing the perception of the CFL nation wide as the best in the world even if it’s only played in Canada .

Ok i'll admit it ..i actually thought this was a good post from you.

One of the problems is the small league the top teams are the top teams and can last that way for years surprises come playoff time.
Almost everyone here is a big fan but the perception of not really a fan or just an occasional spectator it kind of kills the excitement.
Its like the F1 races a few years ago (may still be this was but have not looked or watched a race in a long time) those races were the same drivers 1st 2nd 3rd all race long every race no excitement when you know the outcome.

In talking to people they have that same perception "just don't be last they'll make the playoffs i'll check it out then"

More input from people who chose not to watch or are fans of NFL but not CFL is always helpful they will tell you the actual why's and not what we think is the why

The difference between Australia and Canada is that we share the longest border in the world with the USA. The American culture heavily influences the Canadian culture. Whereas Australia is on the exact opposite side of the world, in a completely different time zones, with absolutely no other country to share a boarder with. The Australian culture is Australian.

Heck, I'm in Alberta, and to be quite honest, the CFL is really the only thing these days I feel united to with the rest of the country. Politcally and Economically speaking I feel in no way is this country united. I can travel most of the USA for less money than I could to see my own country.