How do you feel now?

Me? Well, it was a pleasantly peaceful and optimistic 18 hours between the time I new the Cats had won in Toronto and the time I knew the Bombers had won too. Now, not so peaceful, not so optimistic, but still, I am more optimistic than I was on Thursday, when I can't say I was totally confident of a win in TOR. You?

The only problem we are gonna face are the refs. in Winnepeg. Besides they could not put up as much yds. as Hamilton did against Montreal and Calvillo was in for much of the game when we played them.
If we rush Winnipeg like we did Toronto we will be fine.

Wow Montreal better do some work with their defence !!!

I always mantained that it's coming down to the final game in the Peg. If we're good enough we win, if not we lose. I like our chances. We have Adams and McIntyre back and that's a huge help to the front seven. I hope P-Rod is back for the Sask. game so he'll be ready to fly against the Bombers. :cowboy:

My confidence has not dipped at all. It was huge after the MTL game and remains that way. I firmly believe if the Ti-Cats take care of business as they did the last two games, they have a possibility of winning 6 in a row to end the season. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You can bet the Bummers will get their A**es handed to them in Montreal next week.

So obviously you think we have no shot against Sask ??

we will beat Sask on Saturday. I just have a feeling we will end the season with 3 wins in a row and blow the doors off Bishop and his bums

No quite the opposite. Even though SSK is certainly a better team than WPG, I like our chances at home against SSK, in a game that isn’t a must win for either team much more than our chances on the road, in November WPG weather, in a game where it’s all on the line for both teams. Going into this weekend, I felt our best chance at finishing second was to win two, while WPG lost twice to MTL and it would have been wrapped up before going to WPG.

Except for the momentum factor it doesn't matter if we beat Sask next week, when it comes to the battle for second place in the East. It now comes down to the last game of the year. Head to head for the home playoff spot. Whoever wins that game will win the season series and second place.

The question is will we still be able to make the playoffs with third place? It's possible if Edmonton loses one of their remaining games. In that case, we have to beat Saskatchewan next week. It will be a heck of a game and either team could walk away with it. I can't wait.

Bottom line, win in Winnipeg and it doesn't matter what else happens. The Destiny of the Tiger-Cats is still in their own hands.

I hate to say this but we need the Argos to play the game of their lives next week in Edmonton and come out with a victory. An Eskimo loss will help in the attempt to prevent a cross-over.

Well, I feel confident but it`s going to be edge of the seat football for the next two weeks.

Here`s how it can play out.

We win both games. Clinch second place.

We win one but lose in Wpg. Edmonton loses one or both games. We clinch 3rd place.

We win one game. BC loses both games. We clinch 3rd place.

All true. But, we don't have to win both to clinch second place. We have to win in WPG. (regardless of how we do against SSK)

That`s true also. :thup:

I'm glad you guys are all so confident, but I can't see us making the playoffs.
maybe if edmonton loses their last two games -YES

But i don't believe we can win in the PEG.
For onething we are not finishers,we leave the other team around until the end, hoping they won't sustain a final
drive at the end to beat us.

Sorry but I see us outside looking in at the playoffs, and I blame Marcel for not starting Glenn sooner.


I don't want a crossover either, but if it means the blew team winning, I'm OK with a crossover. Besides, have you seen the way the Esks are playing lately. I think they have taken over were the Bombers left off a few weeks ago.

Here's how it will play out.

Hamilton hosts Winnipeg in the first playoff game. Bishop deconstructs.
Hamilton travels to Montreal. Montreal has shown themselves to be vulnerable in the last few weeks and without a healthy Calvillo, gives up a ton on defence and is not able to counterpunch on offence. Hamilton wins a squeaker.
Hamilton travels to Calgary to meet Calgary for the Grey Cup.

You heard it here first.

ps. despite my previous criticism of Setta, I must admit that he has turned it around in the last few weeks, and I see him as being a solid performer and important piece in this scenario. ie. last second clutch field goal.

So you are saying you would rather see the Argos lose a "meaningless" game and have the 'Cats risk losing a playoff spot? All I can say is WOW!!!

While I appreciate everyone's optimism here and hope and pray we can win the last two games, after seeing Bishop play another brilliant game, I do not share your optimism. I think it's possible we can win our next two games, but it can't be overlooked that we struggled to beat toronto and winnipeg layed a whopping on the same team who beat us last week.
We are going to have to play perfect football in the next two weeks because Winnipeg certainly is. And we are going to have to do it on their home turf.
It's not going to be easy.

If the Cats finally develop that "killer instinct" we've been waiting for all season, they may have a chance. But too often, they either get behind and stay there, or let the opponent get back in the game by the fourth quarter.

I think it will be all the marbles on the last game in the 'Peg. And good luck to them!