How do you do it?

How do you prefer to watch a big game?

With a large group of family/friends where there’s so much going on you can barely hear the TV.

A small group of football fans (buddies) to swear & cheer with.

Alone in the man cave, 100% focused.

Buddies, beer+ nachos

My problem is that I am an ex-Winnipeger living on the East Coast of the US. I have friends that love sports, but when they watch a CFL game it is more of a novelty than a sporting event to intensely focus on… “why isn’t the returner calling a fair catch”… “when do they get a rouge” etc. etc. It is OK for a regular season game, but for playoffs, only die-hard fans allowed in my vicinity. If I have to watch alone so be it.

The only problem with the buddy option…we all have that buddy that can’t shutup and talks all game… :-X

But yes, I’m a big fan of the gameday loaded nachos!

I’m a Lions fan and live on the West coast but I did watch one game this year at a casino bar in Sydney NS, eating a prime rib diner with an entire lobster for $9.99. Try to get that at BC Place.

big games are my wife and I, outdoor tv on the porch, beers and pizza.

the “biggest” game, the Grey Cup, that’ll be a house party with 15 of my closest Ti-cat loving friends.

If possible I prefer to be there live. If not, generally a few people over. I can get very into the game so usually just with the same people who are the same.

If its not my team and a big game I’m ok to go to a larger group setting.

I am fine alone. Even better with my wife. OK with a few family and friends that really want to watch the game. Never go to a public place to watch a game although if I have to go out during a game, I will try to go where the game is on. Don’t like noisy large groups

I can top that. I know two guys who talk all through the games and only shut up to listen to the commercials. Since I mute all commercials and crank up the volume during the game while they blather on, they no longer watch with me. I told them both I won't watch anything on TV with them. Fini

If anyone does come over, it is to watch the game, not to socialize.

If the Cats are in it this year, there is going to be a viewing party at the church, and I think my sister wants to go. Too much socializing for me. Plus, I can’t watch while trying to hold my language in check. I don’t swear a lot, but if something goes wrong, I can’t guarantee that there won’t be some loud F-bombs falling. Best for me not to go.

That would be a rather awkward setting in which to watch a football game, especially a playoff game. What to do when the refs blow a big call?

I wonder, though, how this church deals with Argo fans. Excommunication? Compulsory conversion therapy? :o

Interesting that not 1 out of 24 polled chose in a large group. And that the majority preferred to be on their own with no distractions.
But many of us like to follow game day threads…isn’t that like a large group & big distraction?

I couldn’t watch this game with out the Family. 10 years ago I was a fan because it was my home towns team and that’s as far as it went but since I met my wife and her family, I now bleed BLACK AND GOLD. It would not be a Grey Cup game without sitting with my family and hearing my wife and in-laws swearingobscenities at the TV.

LETS GO CATS OSKEE WEE WEE! OSKEE WAA WAA! HOLY MACKINAW! TIGERS! EAT’EM RAW!!! a group is my preference, then I can break out this shameful indulgence...the gravy fountain...

Any room for a Hamilton Tiger-Cat Fan because I see this and.....


haha…I thought that was a chocolate fountain, and though who likes chocolate during a game?
I never did get those candy commercials targeting sports fans…

But gravy? Sure, I guess. Can I put some on my nachos, wings, smokies, chili etc?

…meatballs, chicken fingers, regular attached fingers, celery…anything really…

…it started out it’s life as a boring chocolate fountain, then I did the gravy thing one GC years ago and even after giving it a thorough washing my wife says it’s now ruined, forever…

I’m all for gravy, but I don’t understand how anyone can say “boring” and “chocolate” in the same sentence.

Meat, salt, grease & cheese, please. With a mug to wash it all down, ofcourse.

No need for any sweets.

Also: the tour of the chocolate factory was boring.

I love how this has turned into a love for gravy. Thank you CFL for giving us a place to express ourselves freely.