How do you beat the Lions?

If you were the Head Coach of the Riders, how would your offense attack the Lions?


You HAVE TO keep them guessing and you have to control the pace of the game. First of all we have to establish some kind of a ground game for the play actions and roll outs to actually be effective. Also I believe this is the game where some trickery is needed. Whether it be a reverse or a flea flicker or a hb pass, just something to keep them guessing. Actually one play I would love to see is pretend to run the option but instead of KJ running or pitching it to Holmes/Ranek he should pull up and go deep to Flcik or Fantuz and see if we can maybe get a deep 1 on 1 match up. It is not going to be easy, I can tell you that much. If we stick to the same shotgun draw play then I guarantee we will be in for a long day. Especially if Holmes is in there. He is playing amazing out of the backfield as a reciever but he just isn't a suitable tailback in this league, especially against a VERY good Lions D. Bottom line is somehow we have to keep them on their heels and take the crowd out of the game as much and as early as we can. Way easier said than done. Im 100 times more worried about our D stopping their offence to be quite honest. I just don't know how we are going to stick with them for 60 minutes. I'm not saying it can't happen but it will be one h3ll of a fight.

IMO this will be a tougher game than the grey cup game will be. No disrespect to either the Bombers or Argos, I just really believe this will be a harder fought game for us.

Play Action

You need a running game first...other than KJ rolling out and running. Ranek may very well be the x-factor in this game. Holmes never had anything more than 3 yards on a carry last game..he just isn't a running back. Hopefully Ranek will be able to carry the load.

Yup, just like he did with Calgary. If Joseph rushes for 100 yards, Riders win. :frowning: :frowning:

We have to score a touchdown, no field goal, on our first drive if we have a hope of winning. Take the crowd out of it early with a early deep pass, or a solid drive. Then dictate the pace of the game by running, and doing quick 6 or 7 yard passes on first downs. Don't get into too many second and longs and we will do just fine. It's going to come down to execution, and not settling for field goals like we did last game. I predict in order to win we need to put up over 35 points.

Play action only works when you can keep them guessing that you're actually going to run the ball though. If they aren't buying the fake handoff than play action is useless.

I know dust, but look at how well it worked against Calgary, so much "mis-direction".

Also, team discipline. Whoever can limit the penalties that kill or extend drives will play a big part.

Corey Holmes!

Kerry Joseph is too dangerous. He can burn you with his legs, and arm. I think BC will expect lot's of passing, and will play the spy game a lot. I think that will open up the game for Holmes.

Joseph needs to roll out and use his wheels, short mid route passing ball control, limit turn overs and penaltys and all will be good.....GO RIDERS

They have to keep the Lions special teams out of the game.

That's why the Lions beat them last time at Taylor Field. The Riders were getting it done on Offense and on Defense, but the Lions won that game because their special teams were more special.

To beat the Lions, all the Riders have to do is score 1 or more points than the Lions

With a or how about with misdirection plays.