How Do You Attack The Riders D?

Looking for specifics here on how to exploit any weakness. I'll give my answer after hearing a few suggestions.

13 views and no answers? C'mon people, let's try to help MB out.

Stay committed to running the ball between the tackles. With all the stunting up front, you can sometimes catch the d-linemen looping around and thus out of a gap which means potentially a big play for the running back if he hits the hole explosively.

Attack their secondary with the deep ball. They play a lot of zone behind the defensive line, so pressuring their DBs can sometimes reveal issues in coverage.

Good observations, D&P. You've identified two key Rider weaknessess . The cushion given by their DBs and their Offensive Tackles. They got abused last week by Cal.

I would throw crossing patterns underneath at them. This takes advantage of the DB cushion. See Ray and Burris.

After a few of those, same thing, but pump fake underneath. Draw everybody in then go for the deep pass to Bruce on the opposite corner of Omar Morgan. That will match him up with either lessers Alexander or Mitchell.

Other thing you can do is once crossing routes have been established is run the same basic routes, looking like you're throwing the underneath route again and then run a delayed draw off that. This could help counter their blitz packages. Any other suggestions? We're open all night.

Excellent post. I agree that running different plays off the same look or formation is going to be essential. Your offense should progress over the course of the game. Set up those crossing routes, as you noted, and suddenly you have linebackers jumping underneath routes and potentially giving you one-on-one matchups down field. Bruce vs. Alexander? If I'm a Cat fan I take that matchup all day long.

Even though we didn't win the game, my Als had success going after Alexander on the corner. I hope Gibson and Bellefeuille do the same.

Exactly D&P! The Als had great success isolating Alexander and Mitchell with a mismatch. So did Calgary. Are you from Hamilon or elsewhere, D&P?

Unfortunately the TiCats don't have a running back capable of hitting holes between Tackles. Nor do we have a QB capable of attacking with the deep ball.

As we didn't use it last week, the two back set should be given a chance. It would also be nice to see Darcy Brown make a few receptions.

I heard PETA will be at Taylor Field protesting the tiger cat slaughter Saturday night.

They do have a running back capable of hitting the holes but it's his hesitation that is concerning. Guilty of trying too milk extra yards out of a play at the expense of the gap closing. PETA will be disappointed. Riders are overhyped.

We will be hard pressed to win games this year unless the running game gets going. Not sure if anyone else noticed this but Montreal was dropping more and more guys into coverage in the second half because they realized we couldn't run it. Other teams will do this as well until Cobb decides he's going to hit a hole instead of dancing behind it.
How do you attack the Riders D? Establish a run game.

Agreed. 25 rushing yards per game isn't going to cut it. Not even close.

I have to agree with the posters above, except the "no RB no QB" guy. I would only add that, as the Riders defencive front is quite quick, if the Cats can get Cobb going (and by Cobb I really mean the runblocking) some misdirection in the backfield should be thrown in. The 2-back set with Cobb and Thigpen from the Calgary game would be a great plan. The misdirection and fake hand-offs really threw the D line off in that game.

Also,this will be quite a test for the Cats secondary. They played great against Montreal. Hope they can prove it wasn't a fluke.

Very knowlegeable suggestions by all! How about some more?

Calgary went after The Riders by Running at Them
Using Angles to help spring their Running backs
From what I have Watched of Riders the D is very fast
but Over pursuit cost them on Plays in a few games.
They can be cut back on.
I think using a Combo of quick passing and balance Cut back Running should do the job
At least in the 1st half.

When I watch The Linebackers somes play they drop back 3 to 5 yards then come up to stop the run.
when they do the move is quickly done
a good Block and a move should spring Cobb or Thiggy in secondary
This what I saw from watching my HD TV ..
I am sure coaches Tape would show more on how to work the Riders D.

I am sure coaches have great game plan
But then half time adjustments and This Team need to work on that IMO.

You have your center tell the opposing D. Linemen "Hey, aren't you guys short one guy?" at which point the next play the 13th man makes another appearance.

That only works against Winnipeg now.

Baseball bat to the knees? lol

All the above are good suggestions,even the basball bat one...

But this is how the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will attack Saskatchewan...

1st and 10...20 to 25 yard,low percentage pass...incomplete

2 and 10...10 to 15 yard pass into tight coverage...incomplete

3 and 10...Punt

There will be variations of these,of course...

The odd useless 2 yard gain on the ground by Cobb...

The odd useless 7 yard completion on 2nd down for 7 yards when we need 9...

The odd missed Field Goal...


When the weather starts to turn in the fall, you can string together a bunch of 2 and outs and hope their defense gets cold standing around on the sidelines. :smiley:

We'll save that option for when they visit IW. Even make a promotion out of it. Call it Tonya Harding Night!