How do you Ask the Ref?/Fumbles and Interceptions in endzone

Do you just contract them though the button below or is their a special place on this site I can go to?

I have an idea about Fumbles and Interceptions in the end zone, but I wanna know how it's do right now. I check the Rule Book section but there is nothing.

I post my idea after I find out how it's done for real.

I'd ask you guess directly about it, but I can tell some of you are getting angry with me about me asking about the rules all the time, so I'm playing it safe.

I'll be e-mailing Mr. White about my AP and other rule ideas and posting there reply (if they give me permission of course), but I gotta check this out first.

Anybody tells him how is gonna get such a beating from me :lol:

To funny almost sounds like you really serious about this
Well kanga, what you got to do is email ro, a Christmas card..with a promise of no rule changes.
He'll giude you to the the man, who's in charge of rule changes..

here is the idea I have, I run it by you first (Deep Throat style, you tell me what you know and I'll confirm or denie)

Note: no singles are scored in any situation because no team has control of the ball (unlike kicking plays), but everything is done to encourage the D to run the ball out of the end zone instead of take a knee,etc.

Fumble: if there is a Fumble in the end zone and the D recovers but fails to run it out of the end zone, their get control of the Ball and they play from the 15 yard line. if the O recovers, TD.

Interception: if there is a Interception in the end zone and the D recovers but fails to run it out of the end zone, their get control of the Ball and they play from the 25 yard line. if the O recovers, TD.

if they are success in running it out, no matter how far they go, they play from the 35 yard line unless they go further and/or score a TD.

I love to hear all comments, but I'd really like to know what the rules actually say, that way I can forget about it or push on.

Balls that a fumbled on a running play that roll out of the end zones are just incomplete and aren't singles cuz the O didn't have control of the ball. whatever rule applies for this scenario already stands. I can't remember if they spot the ball at the 5 or they go back to where the play was, either way is fine.

Do singles apply on Quick Kicks/Punts? I can't remember.

Ro, argue with me on this, I'll be very reasonable on this .

I do have to say sure do think about the rules alot. We may all joke with you about it but you do come up with a good idea every now and then.

thanks Geo

I just think about the Single and what it means a lot. Originally I thought that if the ball doesn't come out of the end zone it should count as a single, but a ball that is fumbled by the O or intercepted really shouldnt count against the D, but I believe that the D should be held accountable for not bring it back on the field by taking a knee, which I find as a sissy thing to do in a football game.

Singles shouldn't count if the O isn't in controll of the ball.

You do have a point!

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I wanna say one thing about this cuz if I say it on my old Action Point topic the Mods will just delete my post like they did before and with Rank the Teams!

Singles without a doubt should never count on a Kick Convert, but it kinda defeats the idea behind the Single and gives those who wanna ban it on FGs a reason (which is a bad reason in my opinion because the O is "in control" of the ball when it goes out, the D does have a chance to return it, no matter how slim it is, and the D has more room to spot the O from getting into scoring range).

Needless to say, I believe it makes my AP idea look better all the time.

My whole agreement about "control" sounds weird but you get my meaning. even when the receiver gets the ball in the end zone on a kicking situation, he is still in danger of giving up the Single, therefore he is not safe or "in control" until he gets the ball out.

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I now understand the No Yards, and I love it, because if your a player that is offside, you can't get the ball or interferes (like Hockey :wink: ), but if your on side, you can get the ball if the receiver doesn't. So it works!

I saw a College game recently where the receiver didn't call a fair catch and tried to run the ball (good on him!) but the D was so close to him that he hadn't a chance to run it, it was pathetic! So No Yards RULES!

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I see now, so it's just like it is today but w/o the timer or the kickoff. Cool!

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only rules that I want now are:

*1. Action Point
2. New Points system with OT loss point and half points
3. keep Cross Over and award troupes to the East/West winner of standings, as well as an award for the best team overall.
*4. Singles on Balls hitting the uprights and Kickoffs that are made like FGs.
5. 4 week preseason
*6. Punt Penalty
7. Red and White Ref uniforms
8. Cut the end zones off after 15 yards (like in Edmonton and Montreal) and have the 55 be a C.
9. move the OT to the 50 yard lines instead of the 35 yard line.
*10. 3 minute warnings in each quarter, no big deal if done or not, but that would make an interesting exhibition game. I don't know if people would like it cuz it would slow the game down a bit, but it could cut down on players faking injuries to take breaks, if that really happens, I'm still in denial about that.

  • means rules I wanna see in a options menu of the CFL game

Random: Expand the rosters, Independent Timed Coach Challengers (IR), 4 point FG in one exhibition game (has been tried in the WFL and NFLE), Error System, Count QB is the Import Ratio rule( ... 1&start=30), Steve's and anybodies ideas.

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Sorry kanga I dont agree
dive across the goal line and automaticly to the 35. I dont see the point.
Fumbles are rairly returned unless it squiirts out usually players dive on it to maintain control so again I dont see the point.

I see, the whole thing about the 35 yards thing but I had to reward players something for getting the Ball out of the zone. I didn't have a real choice.

I see and I know, it's based on "what if" scenarios.

How does the rule on this really stand?

and I'll can't e-mail Mr. White just yet, gotta check my computer's favorites, on my moms right now.

Only 9 things you want to change.
What is it you like about the game?

  1. Singles
  2. No Yards
  3. Longer field
  4. Slot backs
  5. 3 downs
  6. more infuses on the kicking game
  7. 12 players instead of 11
  8. three minute Warnings in EVVRY QUATER
  9. shootout OT, which is like the CFL OT of old but no timer or kickoff
  10. 20 second clock
  11. Better Coin toss
  12. Defensive linemen line up 1 yard opposite the line of scrimmage prior to a play.
  13. all offensive back fielders and receivers, except the quarterback, are allowed unlimited motion provided that they remain more than one yard behind the line of scrimmage.
  14. players are more fit and athletic.
  15. Quick Kicks and Punts
  16. Quarterbacks use dropback, shotgun, and option styles, and must also be able to scramble and improvise.
  17. Standard salaries of CFL players range from about $30,000 per year for rookies to about $250,000 for starting quarterbacks. They also have partime jobs in the off season.
  18. cities like Winnipeg, Hamilton, and provinces and regions like Saskatchewan and Atlantic can have pro teams.
  19. The sky is the limit on how far the league can go.
  20. No city has two teams and the names for the most part are clean and great.
  21. still more Rugby like, which is a good thing.
  22. Coin toss to determine the home team for the GC.

I read this in 2003, and I have been a CFLer ever since. :wink:

For every rule in the CFL I want to chage, there are 10+ other rules that I love about this league.

" a convert attempt after a touchdown, the defending team may return a missed kick convert to the kicking team's end zone for 1 point, or if the convert was a rush or pass play may return a fumble or interception for 2 points."

how often has this happen? I haven't seen this done.

  1. already discussed AP
  2. Half point donw work if you award point for victories. it only works in baseball and basketball when you use GBL
  3. we already have a crossover and awarding a trophy is not a rule and what the difference anyways
    4)dont need it
  4. this one I agree
  5. again why? what the difference
    8 ) edm and mtl have 20 yard endznes like everybody else and a c changes what
  6. i could live with that
  7. you want to change the divisions to confrences
  8. I know here are more but cant think of any right now

A for the rules you like

  1. youlike the longes field but want to make it shorter
  2. the same as 7
  3. huh
  4. is the same as 4
    8 ) 3 minute warning is only in the 2 and 4th quarter.
    9)What is a better coin toss? and nothing to do with rules
  5. based on what?
  6. a quick kick is a punt
  7. same as NFL
  8. salaries have nothing to do with the rules and could become like the nfl with out changing any rules if the league were to increas in popularity and come into more money.
    18 ) nothing to do with the rules
  9. nothing to do with the rules
  10. nothing to do with the rules
  11. nothing to do with the rules

The way I see it is there are 10 rules you want to change and of the 22 you like only 8 are valid rules
It seems you want to change more points of the game than you want to keep
Why again do you like the CFL

Finally I said I dont like the crossover and you said to me "Thats was make the Canadain game so great and unique" yet you constantly want to change it to something else

Ever think of starting the KFL and leaving the CFL alone?

Give me a video game to keep me content, but I've found where I belong

Hey, even if I suggest these rule changes, I still watch the CFL and I'm still here. That in itself shows I love this league and game.

Everyone, understand this,

I'd don't wanna force these rules down anybody's throats like the NHL has done.

I just want all of tried in an Exhibition game or a lower league. and if the public doesn't like it, it doesn't fly in the regular season and dies. I always got the video game, when ever that comes out. (I'll find someway to crack the system :wink:)

3 minute warnings in each quarter, no big deal if done or not, but that would make an interesting exhibition game. I don't know if people would like it cuz it would slow the game down a bit, but it could cut down on players faking injuries to take breaks, if that really happens, I'm still in denial about that.

In baseball the half game award or punished the team that wins or loses the extra game.
Giving 1 point rewards the team that did not play. If they win the next game you would have to give 1 point instead of 2 and if they lose you have to take 1 point away.

I thought you ment reducing the endzones to 15 yards instead of cuttin the corners. If the endzone fitts compleatly why bother.

The 55 shows more clearly that it is a Canadain field and seeing how Edmonton puts a C it is not a rule. And if everyone does it how is it unique?

  1. huh you wrote
  1. more infuses on the kicking game
    You said you like slotbacks and the entra man on the field. The slotback is the 12th man compaired to the NFL so it is the same point.

3 minutes warning n every quaters. Warning is fine but not running the clock it will add at lest an hour to the game.

I am not trying to kick you off but you keep saying how much you love the game but in the next breath you want to change everything. If you love it leave it the way it is. If you hate it then change it It just does not make scence to me.

In general, I love this league and this game, but every fan would like to change something about their game they don't think works well, just look back at the previous posts, once in a while somebody has said something they wanna change. Sure, Steve and I do it a lot, but we love the game and do it for the love of the game.

I think the 13th man refers to the fans, they are the 13th man in that they help the home team by cheering so its like they have an extra man on the field.