How do we take Ricky Ray off his game?

I think it's a given that we must take RR off his game to be effective Sunday. What's the primary strategy?

Bring the house more often to affect his timing/comfort zone?

Tight man coverage to take away his dink and dunk passes and force him to look downfield?

Use our downfield speed/coverage to take away the deep ball and create pics, thereby forcing Ray to play the short game?

Is there a priority here or is it ALL a priority against Ray? We have talent and depth all over the place so I can't see a glaring hole on D (that we can't adjust to) being the issue.

Nick James would be a huge help if he wasn’t injured.

They need to pressure ray trip him up , because he is an accurate passer and he’s been around, a couple of picks if they can pressure him will get him off maybe.

catch 22 of this is that underneath and outside stuff is Ray’s bread and butter. That means that if you want to bring the heat you need to be in press coverage. Downside of press coverage is one solid block on the pass-rush and it is a longball for a massive play…SJ Green time. Jones historically pressures Ray even less than other QBs because of this.

I didn't realize an interception off of an all star QB in a division final was a Catch 22. How so, exactly?

From where I sit if Ray starts serving up a pic or two due to Rider pressure - that means he's lost the most important aspect of his game (accuracy) - which isour biggest defensive goal re: his passing.

I see what your saying about pressuring him, just don’t lose contain, that’s the big one.

That’s exactly it. This team excels at coverage underneath…but can they excel at it in a cover zero? Well, we saw them do it for 3 games…but the closest thing to a Ray technique they faced when doing so was Nichols. Jones has never put a lot of heat on him because if this. I think it could work but that’s a big gamble when you have a respectable track record against Ray…i think that the only losses he has against him is early in seasons when the complex coverages are still coming together.