How do we stack up this season?

We have now seen all the other teams except do you think we stack up against them?
My own view is that all the other teams so far are playing at a higher level than we are and with much more intensity.
Winnipeg almost pulled it out of the bag at the last minute against a strong Edmonton team. The Blue team clobbered us and Montreal could very well be the best team in the league. Calgary is very strong and I think it's safe to say BC will be the same way.
Doesn't look good at this stage but of course anything can happen before November.
I see this year as another re-building year with the expectation that the airlift of new players will continue.
In addition our offence will have to open up considerably, both lines need a lot of work and penalties are killing us.
If we are to make any kind of a showing this year the coaching staff will have to really come through.
Maybe this topic can be revisited a month from now but at this stage I would say our goal of reaching the playoffs this season looks way too ambitious.
Am I being too pessimistic?

I found with the exception of Setta our special teams were awesome against Toronto. In years past we have had the worst special teams in the league. With the new rule on kicking off after a field goal, I think this area of our game will give us a big advantage for field position, giving the offence an easier time to put points up on the board. If we can continue the special teams dominance, with some adjustments on the defensive line, and with some patience regarding the offence's maturing process, we may end up upsetting some powerful teams.
Having said that, the play calling could use some depth. THIS TEAM MUST GO DEEP EARLY TO KEEP THE DEFENDERS GUESSING. 5 yard passing plays are okay every once and a while but if the defenders know you are doing them every play, well, you will not be very successful in this league.
I thought the oline was very good, Porter should get the ball off sooner.
Marwan Hage. He is a good role model for the kids but I never understood why people say he is an elite center. Elite centers should never have their names mentioned in a game unless they pancake someone.
Goodspeed was the best offseason signing the team made. He is a monster.
I think if Marwan can shotgun snap in the near future we will have a very strong oline. Olines create dynasties.
DB's need to catch the ball like recievers. We had a couple of close ones get away, if the DBs could have made the catch it would have been a different game.
We were too nervous in the first quarter, got shellshocked and then we shook it off and made a game out of it. Torontos offence was on fire in the first. We kept them in check for the rest of the game. Stopping the run was our biggest weakness and they exploited that.
How do we stack up? With some tweaking we are a good team capable of playing winning football this year. We were getting destroyed, 20-0, and we came back. We lost, and I know that is the main point, but we rallied back. We showed poise. It could have been alot worse. I am excited about this season at this point in time and amlooking forward to the BC game. That will be the true test.

After seeing Stefan LeFors 14 for 31 performance last night and the type of offense they are going to run combined with how the Tiger-Cats held Kerry Joseph to 50% passing after he started 7 for 8, I think the team still has a lot of potential and isn't as bad as many people think. The East will once again be weak but that just means there is the potential for the Ticats to take advantage of it.

The nice thing this season is that I have confidence in Greg Marshall and his experience so he can make adjustments to help the run defense going forward.

A few more shots down the field to loosen up opposing defenses and get guys like Chris Davis the ball on the move and in space, and I think we will be rolling in the right direction.

Oskee Wee Wee!

  • paul

I don't think our defense held Joseph to 50% passing, it was the fact that his receivers had balls drop off their hands, facemasks and shoulder pads. Did you see the darts he threw in their? He should have had an easy 4 TD passing night and over 300 yards. Joseph didn't have to run around or rush.
The Argos have clearly improved their offensive line and QB protection, also improved at the RB.
Montreal looked really good too. I wasn't impressed at all with Winnipeg, I think their QB is vulnerable it wasn't a good game at all last night. After Lumsden went down, Edmonton looked flat.

I think the Ticats have improved but the other teams have improved too, so our record will only be slightly better than last year.

After Kerry Joseph's hot start of 7 for 8, he was what, 7 for 21 the rest of the way?

Regardless of how many dropped passes there were, I still like to think that the defensive backs improved during the course of the game and the pressure generated by the front seven was a part of that improvement.

But yes, I agree, the ____s did a good job at improving their line it seems. But I'd like to see how it goes for them as the season progresses and teams have more film and charting of Bart Andrus' play calling.

  • paul