How do we handle Trismo?

Charlie said yesterday,"Don't kick it to Trismo." But he's going to be back there and will most likely get the ball.
I would like to see every kick and punt hit the ground before it is caught. A good bounce could produce a fumble, or in the case of a punt, a no yards penalty would cost five yards instead of fifty or more. Most important, the first guy to make contact has to wrap up so team mates can swarm.
What do you think?

You said it all, endzone.

There is nothing left to say.

I agree with you this one enzone....

Punish him every time he touches the leather....... Without the penalty !!!!

Kick it to him. There's no sense in playing scared and aiming out of bounds. We're fielding a professional football team right? So send them out there and tackle the guy. If you want to angle kicks, fine.

Just don't cop out and intentionally kick it out of bounds, or take no-yards penalties on purpose to try and limit his effectiveness.

I'm glad the CFL put in the rule where you can't intentionally kick it out of bounds between the 20s. It makes the game more exciting to see playmakers with the ball in their hands.

With tongue in cheek, the best way to handle him is, score on every drive.

Seriously, kick away from him or kick to force him to one of the side lines.

No one said anything about kicking it out of bounds. I said make sure it hits the ground before he fields it. It's harder to catch a bobbling football and could produce a turnover. It could also slow him down a lot trying to catch it off the ground.

Don’t attempt any long field goals and go for it instead. That’s what drives me nuts about CFL head coaches, they never go for it on 3rd down.

The odds of picking up 5 yards on 3rd down is far better than hitting a 45 yard field goal from the hash marks and if you miss you got line men covering the kick, then if you punt it usually always goes through the end zone which gains you 5 yards field position, so you might as well go for the damn first down instead.

Making sure the ball hits the ground before he can field a punt is an extremely tough thing to do. Are we going to intentionally kick it say 20 yds and hope for a good bounce? If the ball is kicked in the air he can always run up to catch it.

Making sure the ball bounces is an interesting idea, but I think it's totally impractical to try to do in a game situation.

I think Mosca would answer "flatten his tires and smash his headlights in". Good ole Hammer Town Football :smiley:

Tackle him. That's how you handle him.

as Charile said "dont Kick it to him"

the guy isnt that good
so what hes returned a few
ok look at the team he did it against
we even beat them

the way you stop him is by keepin your lane and wrapping up, not arm tackling

and if you dont kick it to him, a nice reverse will come our way