How do we decide who starts and who doesn't?

I've been reading this forum and others (NFL) and fans amaze me with their starting lineups and roster picks. I watched several Hamilton games last year because I knew someone on the team before they got cut and noticed several people that shouldn't be out there. But anyway this is a different year, so lets focus on that.

QB's - Mass, Butler, Williams, and Chang
This position should be wide open. Although Mass has experience, the others are more athletic which seems to be working now-a-days in the CFL. Mass had his shot last year and Butler was a 3rd stringer, why not let Williams and Chang have a fair shot to start? Williams and Chang both put up impressive numbers in College and might do the same here.

RB's - I'm not familiar with Canadian college stats, but I think Jesse put up great numbers, so he should definitley be considered a starter. Davis dominated one the toughest conferences in college football and is not considered a starter here? He is use to carrying the load and could be effective here. Holmes was the special player of the year 2 years ago and a reserve running back in Sask. So what makes him the front runner for the starting RB job. The game I seen last season he muffed 2 punts in the same game. Maybe he was angry because he wasn't get much run on offense (what team player)

FB - Radelin is pretty solid there

WR's - Why is Brock Ralph a starter? His stats since he's been in the league are average or below. Kwame and Morreale have both been productive in this league, so there proven. Stubblefield, Fowlkes, and Gardner had impressive college stats. The others are fairly new and should be given a chance to prove theirselves.

I read the posts last season and the reciever position was praised quite often in the beginning. Why? No one showed up. At least not the starters.

I focus on mainly the offence skill positions, so let know how a starter or roster spot is determined before they actually take the field?

Here's how we decide who starts:

QB: Maas starts, plain and simple. Why? Because he's the best quarterback on this team. He had an awful year last year. So what, that's old news, he's on a short leash but he's still the best chance to win. Butler is #2 because that's what he is, a backup. Chnag and Williams are nobody's who've done nothing. Williams put up some ok numbers at the tail end of games that were out of hand and meaningless. Chang is even less than a nobody, he's a guy who hasn't even thrown a pass in TC, let alone the CFL.

Why do we not "give them a shot?" Because we want to win games, not hope some guy is the second coming of Chuck Ealey. Maas gives us the best chance to win, period. Also, as far as athleticism, Maas led the team in rushing last year. He's a solid scrambler.

RB: Lumsden starts because that's why he's here. He gets spelled by Holmes who also plays out of 2 back sets as a pass catcher/occasional runner. Also as a SB. Davis is the all purpose backup.

WR: Morreale isn't a starter anymore. He's a great #5 guy but his starting days are over. Other than Cavil, the rest are toss ups. Ralph has to step up or get shipped out, the others are all question marks who'll get their shots and either succeed or be replaced with others.

How do we decide who starts and who doesn't?

You dont thats what the coach is for.

ahaha... well put!

training camp and pre-season...that simple.

Althought it is true I am kinda joking. The QB spot is an interesting battle but I think Maas will be much more effective being healthy and playing in Taaffe's system.

well of course, every fan who attends every training camp session should get a vote on who stay and who goes and who starts.

Democracy ehh.

I'm placing my entire trust in the coaching staff to do the right thing, and I think we have the men to do it this season.

This doesn't mean that I believe we'll have a winning season, but I think this season will show a lot of promise and give us the basis to improve in the years ahead.