How do we beat the Argos?

Sorry folks but it goes like this ... yawn !! If you cant pass the ball down field. jesse will run for some yardage early impressing all then suddenly his ability will slow. The defence will force us into 2 and outs and slowly build a lead that even Timmy wont be able to overcome. Has anyone read this book before ? HOLY people, I like all of you hold out hope but ... is there anything to hope for?

How to beat the Blue Team?Show up ready to play and the rest will take care of itself.I’m serious here,folks.

Hmm. I guess Charlie Taafe would take Bishop over Maas? I highly doubt it. Watch out folks Jason Maas is going to show you that he can play this game and play it very well. If not then the coach will make a change but I do not think it will be necessary.

Optimistic, unrealistic? Maybe, but I believe the Coach knows talent and he sees Jason Maas as the best we have even better then a very promising rookie named Chang. Given how good everyone sees Timmy Chang as being (myself included) Jason is better according to the Coach therefore Jason Maas is a very talented Q.B. Wait three games friends as I have said elsewhere. If we are 2-1 or 1-2 then let's all relax. I think we will be 2-1 by the way.

If however we are 0-3 the Coach will make several changes and I think one would be at Q.B. but I sincerely believe at worst we will be 1-2 but more probably 2-1.

Rev Clark, I understand and respect your deference to authority, as well as I do the merits of free thought. They say hindight is 20/20, which means it's useless. Foresight is the key to success because in football the number of games per season is not as many as in other sports. If we can recognize and admit our faults early enough, we can spare ourselves the unccessary loss of 1/4 of the season. Every 2 points is crucial. We can't afford to be squandering valubable points to further the cause of a quarterback who continues along injured, if there's any sincerity in our desire to reach the playoffs.

Put any of our Grey Cup Winning teams against them.

An aluminum bat would work or maybe a 2x4??

Buford H. Pusser would be my kinda coach! Standing on the sidelines with a headset on and a bat in his hand. LOL. Can we get Joe Don Baker on our neg list?

Bert Templeton style, remember him? :wink:

Wasn't he the guy that coached the Hamilton Fincups to the Memorial Cup in '76 I believe? RIP.

Yes Ticats, RIP for sure. Memorial Cup, great hockey trophy!

How are 'we' going to beat the Argos? If by 'we' you mean us fans...well, I say we use our leather-lungs to crank up the volume on D.

We gotta let that Bishop have it! Not sure he's really experience the cozy confines of Ivor Wynne as a starter!!

Hopefully you guys down by the benches will extend quite the IWS welcome!

How will Hamilton beat the Argos?

a)Get a new 3 year rebuilding plan.
b)Execute plan flawlessly.
c)Hope the Argos have a bad team 3 years from now.
d)Bribe the ref, or hope that it's Jake Ireland...whichever... right was i??....LOL

man im good

careful you don't tweak an elbow with all that back patting your giving yourself.. what's you friggen point?

Improve our running game with much better
blocking by the offensive line!!!!!!

the point is, rev clark is crazy pickin maas over bishop...heck, hes crazy pickin maas over anyone.

also, the point is; i was right.

I wouldn't say that.Chang is not going to change

well since we don't have any decent receivers or any running game bring back hobart cause he can run every play.

HOW ABOUT CHUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!