How do we beat the Argos?

I think the key to beating the blue team is to shoot out the wheels of their bus, thereby forcing them to WALK to IWS thus rendering them exhausted, then and only then do we have a chance at beating them if Chang starts!

is that considered a Maas bash?


I think you’re wrong guys, a healthy Holmes and Lumsden make this game more than winnable. Toss in Setta who I am very impressed with and I say we win. Sorry doubters but right now I still would take Jason Maas over Mike Bishop anytime. There may be a lot of apologies given to Jason Maas after Saturday night.

i take ted white over jason maas.

maas has no arm, and no mobility.

the cats have no defence and no offence....not a good combination.

the argos, if starting bishop, are strong in every position...except kicking...unless prefontaine is back...then they have NO weaknesses at all.

I think we can win but only if we have a QB that can challenge the defence deep and medium range. Our defence looked bad against Calgary but Toronto isn't half the offensive team that the Stamps are

The defence looked bad but nobody seems to mention that thier was ZERO pressure on Burris the whole night . My grandmother who is almost 95 can find open recievers with that recieving core and that much time !!!!

I believe I already covered that in another thread in direct response to you

You havent answered my question on who should be replaced on defence . You seem to have all the answers on the other side of the ball who is to blame on defence ???

I honestly don't know. Nobody is getting pressure. Besides you never did ask that question

The Ticats will need to stretch the Toronto defence next Saturday night. It has been reported by Ken Peters on more than one occasion that Brock Ralph is the fastest player on the Ticats. While it is a fact that Ralph had a sub par game against Calgary, he is usually pretty good at catching the ball and he is taller than most defensive backs. Maybe the Ticats should try Ralph at wide receiver rather than slotback against Toronto and let him stretch their defence. He made an excellent deep catch against them in game one last year thus he might be able to do it again this year while creating more space for some of the other Ticat receivers.

Score More points

Don,t blitz bishop too much... have Moreno become his shadow at all times, bishop has the potential to lose it for them, punt coverage is a must... no yards if you have to, Lumsden 20+ times... obvious, and most importantly don't wait till it's too late to put Chang in. Timmy is not going to look great against this vet D... but he's got wheels... oh yeah, learn the snap count!

I’ve been down on Bishop for a long time, trust me. I can’t disagree with you more though. Bishop has the potential to blow this game wide open. I have never seen him so smart, poised and confident to go along with his always incredible skills. The Argos are going to give him the ball after he comes in time and time again almost pulling off more heroics. There is no one in this league that could have thrown that 60 yard bomb, backpeddling of his back heel like he did last week. This week 2 game is going to tell where these two teams are headed for the rest of the year. There will be much to talk about, both sides.

1 week has not convinced me that bishop can all of a sudden read defences... 60 yrd bombs are impressive, but it's all the other stuff he needs to do wrong that will keep us in this one! Besides ... he talks like a girl

The Mike Tyson talking Bishop will deliver a knockout punch. If last week isn’t proof, how about the pre-season where he lead the opening drive for a TD, or the Playoffs last year when he engineered a comeback to beat the Bombers and then nearly did it again to the Als to go to the Cup. So really, time and time again, he doesn’t dissapoint. I really think he had benefited from lots of game time down south and coaching. He is a completely different player from what we were used to in 2002. As soon as he came in last week, the offence was different. First pass looked like a laser beam compared to any of Allen’s. He was often called the “Michael Vick” of arena ball due to his great rushing numbers. So lets see, best arm in the league, a load to tackle, playing smarter than ever, hey, I’m just warning ya.

"best arm in the league, a load to tackle"... I thought we were discussing bishop, not John Daly.


I agree with the throw it deep, you have to have that in any game. Hell you have to make the DB's and LB's back the heck up..You do this about 6 or 7 times a half then you use that dude Lumsden, ( Now thats a BEAST ) to smash the middle its over for them.

And to have that slant down would be a real big plus. Thats where JoJo would come in. He isnt scared to take a hit over the middle and if he do break that corner its him taking it to the house ( that means TOUCHDOWN) when we talk.

And another thing that we are missing is that damn line. If they give MAAS a few more seconds to throw the ball it can high flying action. Hold the line bye some time and he will find the play-makers.

  1. Running the pill

Again thats a good area, keep that up. Have holmes and again that BEAST doing there thing.


Well we need major work back there. Let them play there game and things will gel.

  1. Special TEAMS

Keep that kicking looking good.

Cover better on return's and the pay off will be worth the work ( 7 points ).

Add tricks plays back there like the TERPS did.

Oh yeah That brock ralph dude isnt the faster on ticats

How does "score a TOUCHDOWN" sound to everybody?

Hope it's not too much to ask. =

We’ll need more than ‘a touch down’.

And whatever to the guy who said he’d take Maas over Bishop. The defence doesn’t even have to defend the wideside of the field when Maas is out there, every coach in the league is laughing at us for playing him.

What is it going to take to beat the Argos?
I think it comes down to scoring more points than them, if we do we are cetain to win. :slight_smile:

In that case, you better get a quarterback.