How do we beat the Argos?

Enough about last week, my friends how do we beat the Argos and no don't start another anti- Maas thread.

Let us assume for the sake of the thread that Jason is starting and will throw the ball deep at least once a quarter to satisfy everyone.

In football terms what adjustments do we make to beat the Argos.

I say use Jesse and Corey even more out of the backfield oh that might be a a mistake that would mean your two best players get the ball in their hands quickly and can make plays, scratch that, but that is to easy and to short, go deep.

Or maybe we could go over the middle more and slow up the pass rush, naaah go deep.

Or maybe we could use Julien more to crush people, no never mind he will never catch another ball after droppng that one on Saturday, go deep instead.

On defense, bring back Grover and Joe and Ben, never mind, go deep, woops that's offence.

My friends, easily the best team in the CFL after week one is Calgary. In my opinion we will really see what kind of team we are building on Saturday night against a decent but definitely not great Argo team.

Have fun with this thread, after all for us fans it is only a gane, a great game yes, but still only a game.


re Rev- deep thinking :stuck_out_tongue: -- cant pass against the arg,s so Run the Ball- and go deep occasionally!

If we can't whine about Maas....

I'd say use a couple of deep throws each quarter, but lots of running / hitch passes that get about 6 yards or slightly more. Also make sure that we alternate Chang and Maas, for Argo confusion, as they each seem to have their own types of style. Short passes/ running plays will eat up the clock, and allow our defence a rest, one that was sorely missed in the first game.

Defensively, arrange for a few fake blitzes to confuse Bishop, and then go full Red Dog on his donkey a few times, then show up a few times blitzing randomly - or not blitzing randomly. He's still a young QB, and misdirection is king. Also, we need to be able to cover receivers better... Calgary just plain made us look like a team of clones of my wife out there.

But I have to disagree with you, Reverend... this is not just a game... if it were, why were we so rattled when the 'Cats were on the verge of shutting down, and why has civic pride increased exponentially with a new, stable owner?

This thread is too deep for me. I'm glad you didn't get back on the "Jason Maas" subject, Rev. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Enjoy it friends!

Your points are well taken with the only caveat being that unless you were or are employed by the team it was or doesn’t effect your real life.

I’ve been a fan since I was a little boy and I love watching the games. I haven’t got to a game in three years now because of distance but (speaking more accurately for myself alone) in my life it is only a game and super diversion from the other aspects of my family and responsibilities.

And I still say… go deep, no, no, no woops I mean bench Jason, no that’s not right, more Jesse, no, no fire Coach Taafe, he lost a game, no, no I mean cut Juliein and Wayne Shaw, get more hang time on Settas punts, nah, he was great, more Jo-Jo cool name. Bring in Timmy, with that name he cannot miss in Hamilton, does anyone know if he has a donut commercial lined up yet?

All kinding aside, have fun and enjoy it for what it is. a wonderful, tradition, happening and game.

Make a trade for the Hansen brothers.

Hansen brothers come on at least the other Ralph brother instead. By the way, where is our number one pick right now? Maybe he is such a rookie he went deep in practice and kept right on going.

Go to go take my son for a swim on our beautiful beach here on the shores of Lake Huron. Don't worry we definietely will not go to deep.

A big key will be to get the pass rush in gear....

I hope Nautyn McKay-Loescher is healthy because we really could have used him against Calgary.

Keys to beating the Argos


  1. Spread the field

The offence absolutely must throw deep at least 3 times per half even if its unsuccessful. Additionally they need to have a quick developing 10-15 yard slant over the middle to back up the linebackers
Finally although the 2 yard hitch to the far sideline spreads the field that play cannot be used more than once a quarter.

  1. Run the ball more

Providing the linebackers have been forced off the line with a threat of the 10-15 yard pass run the ball at least 20-25 times

  1. Continue to shift Holmes around.

We have a gamebreaker that warrents extra attention so move him around to get him the ball. The added benifit is that Lumsden and Co will get more freedom out of the backfield


  1. Pressure the QB

I don't know what the problem was Saturday but this is the most important area for the defence to improve. Unless this improves nothing else matters

Special Teams

Keep up the good work

Unfortunately we went with two Defensive Ends
who had never played a game of Canadian football

and for that matter with a middle Linebacker

and a couple of U.S. trained
Canadian rookies on the D-line.

Why am I not shocked when I saw
the back line guys constantly out of position

and no rush coming from the front four

and Calgary taking advantage of it
to break the game open in the 2nd half?


I hope to see your excellent suggestions
for our Offence used next game, turbo.

I believe they would work very well.

Start Chang :roll: I am going to give up on Maas like everybody else is :lol:

Passing will be difficult. I say...


I guess a little bit of Corey Holmes too...Also if we can figure out how to clone Moreno 10 times for defense, that would be nice.

Ah, now we're talking some serious football!

Agree with the slant idea. Loved the screen and would love to see a middle screen. Have I mentioned perhaps we ought to go deep but I digress.

The pass rush was more like a stroll but against a very good Calgary O-line.

I love blizes and would do much more of them but can see that coming more and more as the year goes on.

In all sincerity I believe we can and probably will beat the Argos and I still think Jason Maas will get it done but ask me again after the third game against Montreal if we go 0-3.

How do we beat the Argo's?

If it was legal, i'd beat them with a stick.

Seing as how that is not legal we will have to beat them with a balanced running game and short passing game. The only way we can throw deep on the Argo's is to have supurb blocking up front to give whomever is at QB time to allow the receivers to find holes in the deep zone.

The problem is the Argo's secondary cheats and crowds the short routes and because they have a decent pressure package most QB's don't have time to let the deep stuff develop.

I have to admit the Blue Team have an above average skilled secondary. Patience is the key with beating their secondary.

(Tongue firmly in cheek)

Glove you must be kidding a short passing game all our q.b. can do is throw deep there's no way he can throw short passes all night and besides who'll run the ball some all-star all purpose guy named Corey or an allstar in the making named Lumsden the fans here would go crazy if we brought Neal back.

On the serious tip, I agree with your view completely and think we can and should win.

let's see, how to beat the argos? i seem to recall 2 or 3 years ago when troy was still runnin the rock that he gathered up 200+ yards in a game against them. i also remember keeping damon or whoever the qb was inside the tackles to prevent him from killing us with his used to work but for some reason in the last 2 years we have not been able to do that. i think we've got a shot if we just
ride jesse, he needs to touch the ball 15-20 times to wear that D down,sprinkle in a little more of corey and run, run, run. its quite obvious the aerial attack is not where it should be.the other
part of the equation is contain-i'm not sure we can
but if we can keep bishop inside, he's not smart enough to pick apart the D,his success is predicated on getting outside, by then the D has broken down and he finds bruce or palmer for long gains.

   hope for the best,CITY LEGEND

Keep Bishop contained and have the defence paly deep. Bishop loves the deep ball. Throw the kitchen sink at him, once the is sacked a few times he will be fearing for himself.

re-citylegend wrote-let's see, how to beat the argos? i seem to recall 2 or 3 years ago when troy was still runnin the rock that he gathered up 200+ yards in a game against them. i also remember keeping damon or whoever the qb was inside the tackles to prevent him from killing us with his legs.------------ That game was a labour day(2004) game and T.D did run for 0ver 200 , But it was a loss in OT and bishop was unstoppable in short yardage

Did you see the B.C game? Bishop just seems light years ahead of where he was 2 years ago, he was poised and handled everything B.C threw at him very well, also he seems to know his plays so much better, he is more aware of where everyone is on the field. Before when his primary wasn't open he'd be rattled and couldn't sustain long drives because of it. And that t.d he threw was like something Doug Flutie would have done in his prime.

the cats have NO chance against the argos...

the blue team was 1 healthy prefontaine away from beating the defending champs....they will kill the cats worse than the stamps did.

if the tabbies couldnt score a TD against the stamps, they wont against the argos defence.

the reality is..the ticats still suck under maas.