How do we all connect??

Was just curious as to how we all connect on-line.

I my self use NETZERO for $9.95 per month and it's actually pretty speedy for dial-up.

How 'bout the rest of ya??

videotron cable connecton

Sasktel High Speed Internet

Shaw High Speed for me

Sask Tel High Speed - with cable, phone, and internet all included, it's about $90.00/month.

Gerbils and wind generation.

Oh, you mean the line...Morse code _ _ _ ... _ _ _

Just kidding. Telus, I think 29.95 / month

mts dial up internet, i dont know how much it costs but its definatly not worth it :x slow as.... u know. but i manage- still puttin along

Sasktel High Speed

Uncle Teddy's Super-Quick Computer Talkie Interweb (aka Rogers Hi-speed)

......Telus DSL at home.......

.......CSIS Securnet patched through INTERPOL DDT2 WorldSecureNet Global Interface at work............oops, y'all weren't supposed to know that.......

Shaw high speed

Wireless Connection To A Bell Sympatico Station Usually, Or Which Ever Nieghbour Has Their Internet Turned On.