How Do They Finish?

Hey - with all the turmoil I'm wondering what the barometer looks like back in Riderville after one third of the season gone.
The east has never looked stronger as a division and dare I say, a 4th place cross over is possible?
So, do the Riders get some wins in the next two thirds and how does it finish up?

I say -

Edmonton - early pick but their defence is killer.
BC - dark horse - Wally is pissed and they are healthy.
Calgary - rely on their depth as they need it.
Winnipeg - will run out of gas -
Saskatchewan - will step up and get 5 wins.

Hamilton - still the best coached team in the league -
Toronto - a great team - and home games are coming (not that it matters in TO) will push Hamilton for top
Ottawa - if they stay healthy
Montreal - see "Ottawa"...

Hmm I think that’s a bit optimistic for a chance a 4th. I agree on Edmonton finishing first in the West Calgary has more luck then any team I have seen in a long time and always seem to make a big play or the other team whiffs on one to get a win. So Stamps second. I don’t see BC finishing any higher then 3rd and will be lucky to do that. Winnipeg I"m not sure if they are finished making moves and could be looking at trying to grab some NFL cuts. Remember they are hosting the GC so I doubt if they are afraid of going over the cap a tad. As for us wouldn’t we all like to have that magic crystal ball to see how this plays out. Will Smith be given a fair chance to get his feet under him or will Cory pull the old revolving door act again this year? Will Glenn be back anytime soon and if so will he be 100%? Do they even keep Glenn on and perhaps make cap room for possibly both Heenan and Jones if available shoring up the O line for next year?

These are the intangibles that none of us have the inside track on. So its pretty hard to predict what will happen with the team as far as getting wins go. As for 5 wins being enough to make the playoffs I have my doubts. I think if the Riders come close to making the playoffs that is about as realistic as we can expect. Getting a win with Smith at qb in Toronto though would certainly help the team with some well needed confidence.

You make a valid point. Smith needs snaps. The kid has massive potential and all he needs is playing time.
I'd love to see him start every game here on in. If he gets pulled, it's a learning experience and grows from there.

Yes I think Smith has great potential but that is all it is right now. Unless the team shows confidence in him and continues to play him he will not get that confidence and the needed learning of actual game play if they pull him. Now if he is going south or is getting flustered then fine have him come out and get his head on straight. Let him watch from the sidelines for a series or even two to actually see what the defense is doing, then put him back in and see if he can get on track. Unless he is completely coming unglued or shows no signs of getting it together then you stick with him. Now this could be a bit painful to watch at times and will certainly test Cory's determination to actually develop the next starter for the team.

Now if after 5 games and he is showing nothing then the staff have to decide if he is going to be able to develop into a starter or not. If not then perhaps its time to see if Price is worth keeping around yet again or if this was a waste of time bringing him back.

We have to face the facts that Durant even if he heals completely that he may miss a game or two next season and we are going to need someone that can step in and get the win for us. I'm not sure what the thinking or the plans are for Glenn. Will he be even around next year or as I mentioned even for the rest of this year? If he is one season and done then we don't want to be going into next season with only Durant capable of running the offense .

We sold the future in 2013 for a shot at the GC and it paid off. Now it may be time to pay the piper and take our licks until we get a solid starter for the future as painful as it may be for us fans. The odds of someone coming in and be like Bo was for the Stamps is rare. Most qb's need that time to grow into a starter. Now Bo had some good things in place to help ease the growing pains. A very good O line and a very good running back that could get 6 - 7 yards a crack. That certainly helped him and took some of the pressure off of him.

Having said that we also have two fairly good rb's in Messam and Allen and they MUST be utilized more. Messam especially. Allen I'm on the fence on. Personally I think we should have kept Tolston and not Allen but that is water under the bridge.

Point being the running game could certainly help take some heat off of Smith and also help keep defenses off his back.