How do they decide who....

How do they decide who is the home team in the Grey Cup? I know in the NFL for every even numbered Super Bowl the AFC team is the home team and for every odd numbered Super Bowl the NFC is the home team. Cause last Grey Cup the Riders wore their 3rd Jersey, where they the home team?

They were. That's why they got Calgary's room. But I don't know how that got decided.

I could be wrong but I believe it is by coin toss sometime before Grey Cup Sunday.

This in effect becomes a coin toss to determine who calls the coin toss at the Grey Cup game itself.

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Well I found this article and if they alternate years, then the West will be the home team for this years Grey Cup at Commonwealth Stadium. But then again, maybe there is a coin toss involved.

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A coin toss according to this.

the home team is the one with the most and or loudest fans in the stands