How do the Riders do this with Canadian receivers?

Unreal, they are the model of Canadian receivers and know how to use them and they don't even have a dominant running game to set up the so-called "inferior" Canuck receivers. Beauty!

That' because a receiver is a receiver

the canaidian athlete is better than most people think, you dont have to be an import to excelle.
to succede every team has to do their homework on canadian talent and provide top notch coaching just like the Riders have done.

I"m not sure most people think Canadian athletes are inferior, but your point is well taken. Clearly there are some who do, and yet, the top two teams going to the Grey Cup started more than the minimum required. There are plenty of quality Canadian athletes who could also be quality pro players. Teams just need to do as good a job at recruiting them as Saskatchewan and Montréal have.


Yup, beautiful to watch these guys outshine the defending Grey Cup champs. Keep the ratio exactly as it is I say.

Increase it by one non-import per year until it's back to mid 1990s levels. Would take four years.


Different teams are better at developing different types of players like the riders with canadian receivers or the lions at QB and DE its a question of where the scouting is focused

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All of the Rider points in the West Final were scored by Canadian players !! That alone is great! That is apart to good drafting and trades to aquire guys like (hometown boy) Chris Getzlaf and Jason Clermont, just to name two.

People talk about the Canadian ratio and how the wants to drop it due to lack of Canadian talent....The riders started 10 Canadians and the hammered the Stamps........great scouting is what it is......

I’m not saying their is not enough talent,but when a large number of good Canadian players are on 1 or 2 teams,its harder for other teams to get 10 starters as well.

And as far as the CFL wanting to lower the Canadian numbers,I wonder if its because its cheaper to find American players to play the same position for less money.

:cowboy: Here is my two cents worth.

I think CFL teams don't consider players who play for colleges in cold weather climates more than those who play in mostly warm climates more appropriate for the CFL game. Most Canadians are used to the lousy weather come late fall while some of the poor american cousins who are used to Florida or Southern California weather look either frozen or have the lool of deer looking into the headlights. You need to have experience playing in the cold and wet to be successful in the late fall season in the CFL. Anyone else agree?????????????????????????????????? :rockin:

Catching and holding onto the ball is under-rated by most coaches, scouts, media, etc. I know they will say it isn't but how often do you see guys who consistently catch everything thrown to them being given a shot compared to how often guys with speed or leaping ability get it.

I've been watching alot of NCAA and CIS football this year and it has been interesting to see all the hype surrounding the guys that make hi-light reel catches while dropping some balls while seeing guys who never seem to drop a ball get ignored because they don't necessarily have the breakaway speed or make the spectacular plays.

Good scouting will look for players that fit the system and in SK, the system is one that relies on limiting mistakes meaning catching what is thrown to you is crucial. In systems where explosiveness is highly valued a few dropped balls don't matter as much as the speed of the receivers so a different type of athlete is looked for.

great write up! excellent points...

I agree, a lot of these flashy American receivers are seen catching the big catch.. yet they seem to be dropping a lot of the easy, simple 10 yd catches..

It's two things acting in concert, that create a sort of irony, but seem to work:

First, there has to be a concerted effort to identify, draft, develop and retain Canadian talent. Saskatchewan has made this a stated priority, and clearly it's paid dividends.

Then secondly, (and for those of you keeping score at home, this is the ironic part), once you get these guys, you forget about them being Canadian, and just let them play. As Andy Fantuz said in an interview last night words to the effect that: We don't have Canadians or Americans on this team. We have players who we plug in to make plays when called upon to do so.

So it almost seems like once you get good NI players, you don't define them as such, and therefore whatever limitations or stigmas the NI tag might engender also no longer exist.

Just because you don't get a skilled player in the draft, doesn't mean you just give up, stop looking, and complain about the ratio. There are more than enough players out there with talent who are over looked at draft time for whatever reason. Rob Bagg not drafted but definately as good as any non import on the riders this year.

With the fact the Riders start 10 Canadians, 3 more than the minimum..

and that they have 4 bonafide Canadian Receivers in their lineup (3 starting) I honestly believe that the Owners are going to have an extremely difficult time getting their way when the Bargaining begins.

Who's going to honestly say "oh yes, please reduce our starting roster to 4! please!

teams maybe need to learn how to budget their Salaries better..

you can easily afford your 19 Canadians. don't give me that bs that you have no money to pay them.

They have to rely on their fans to win games!!