How do the Argos get 10,000 more fans?

I would have to disagree with you there. The CFL may be in a decline in Toronto but not in Ottawa!!
The fans have sold out the stadium every game this year with "standing room only"
Burris is back with the same 4 X 1,000 yard receivers and injuries have forced the other changes. Burris is a popular guy around Ottawa, does a lot in the community. The "diehards" can name a lot of the players.

Oh Shite, Sorry Slim. I didn't mean the league was going to crap out, I meant the actual quality of play. We haven't seen as many typical classic CFL games. I did omit Calgary as they are just running wild. The east is as bad as it gets. Ottawa has been a HUGE success story and it wasn't that long ago that many thought Ottawa wasn't a football town.
Perhaps the Argos owners should buck up, swallow some pride and go to other places like Ottawa and see why it's working and what they are doing.
Obviously TO is different with all of it's teams and lets face it the Argos seem to not be able to draw the interest in recent arrivals to Canada. As we all know Toronto is as multicultural as it gets in the world. I've often said they should have theme nights. Why not base them on countries or regions. People like to feel welcomed and that they are acknowledged. How about teaching football nights?

Barker on the weekend looked like a guy who knows he's about to get fired.

I think I might puke.

The NEW slogan :

Toronto Argos : Fresh Start 2017

The sad part is, if they had the Grey Cup in 2017, the timing would have been perfect.

Nah it makes sense that ottawa gets it that year. that's a GC I hope to go to.

Still think, with all the competition, a 2016 Grey Cup was a horrible idea.

I agree in hindsight (perhaps foresight) they should have not have received it this year. I know it was a condition of the sale.

Moving forward, the distraction of hosting it is gone for a while and they can focus on rebuilding the brand.

2017 slogan: Welcome to the new normal

Amen, brother.

The NEW slogan :

Toronto Argos : Raise the Titanic in 2017

The New Slogan :

2017 Toronto Argos : Somewhere David Braley Is Smiling

How do the Argos get another 10,000 fans?

They don't.

They just PO the 10,000 fans that they all ready have. :wink:

Rick Mercer on the Argos:

Yea and the 16k average at Argo games is higher than the number of people that watch Rick Mercer on the CBC................ :oops: :oops:

Actually not true Jim - The Mercer Reports is one of the higher rated CBC programs. The last full season I saw ratings for 2014 - 2015 - it averaged 982,000 viewers for new episodes. - and often topped the one million mark - which tops the average CFL game. Never mind that episodes get replayed for years multiple times late at night and during the day to fill CBC hours - so several thousands more people will see that clip over the next couple of years.

Yes, that is surprising, I was being sarcastic because I don't think he is very funny anymore and I'm tired of looking at that silly smirk on his face.
CBC type humour? I suppose some people do find him funny. But I think he would be unemployed without the CBC.

I saw him at Yuk Yuks he wasn't funny at all. I think he's a writer's product.

All of his stuff is Political Humour - at least from what I've seen. It is not for me, either.

As for his shot at the Argos... meh. I've heard worse.

.....Certainly does look empty in the argo's new digs BUT much like the other one...After an Argo game at the Rogers Centre a few years ago ..Lapolice was quoted as saying it's like playing in an empty mall...I have a hunch there's going to be some significant change in argo land after the reg. season ends...Will it change their fortunes???I guess all I can say about that for now is that it sure as heck can't get any worse...The Cup will help...after that>>>????

It's not easy. I came up with 10 ideas (below) but no one else has so, my guess, Tannen-Bell is in the same Boat and have no idea how to make this team do anything but just float in Toronto. Excelling seems impossible.