How do the Argos get 10,000 more fans?

The Argos are getting 15k per game so to speak. How do they get another 10,000 per game?

Larry Smith was interviewed when he was the president of the Montreal Alouettes and explained how they turned that franchise around. Remember that when they moved to Molson Stadium, they we'rent an immediate hit, and they had a really good team. He said they went to businesses, one at a at a time, door to door. Hit the pavement Michael!

The Argos sent a survey to the season ticket holders over the weekend about renewals.

It focused on mainly 2 areas. What is important in getting children under 12 to come (pricing, scheduling, pre game event etc...)

The other area was pricing overall. What is more important when deciding to renewal 1) paying the same price but getting upgraded seats 2) paying less for the same seat. I forgot the 3rd option.

Tells me they thought the response would have been greater this year and with everything going wrong from attendance to the Grey Cup blunder to the poor performance on the field and the terrible roster moves, they need to entice the exsisting base just as much as new ones.

Free upgrades/current reductions and having perks comperable to other teams in the league and their own marketplace are a must. The only perk this year was first choice of seats and early access to Grey Cup tickets and events. By looking at attendance and the Grey Cup pricing respectively, those were nullifed quickly.

Off to year Two.

^ They've actually sent out 2 surveys to season ticket holders over the past few weeks. The other one focused on the day of the week and time of day that people prefer to have games at.

Yes, there was the first one. A more consistent schedule is a must. There will always be Thursday games in the summer for that time slot with TSN. Friday night too for the same reason.

The rest of the schedule needs to be predictable.

Well guys like myself, Rocket and a few others got mocked last winter when we stated on argo fans that the new ownership group hadn't started marketing early enough. They also thought that BMO would be the be all and end all. Being the realist that I am that is how I saw it. You'd get the typical response of "Sky Is Falling" etc..etc. Well what can I say now.

We didn't renew our seasons for many reasons. Living almost three hours away from Rogers Centre and moving the team even further away. I didn't enjoy game days with the very long days and basically worrying about pets the previous two seasons. Expense, as it's not cheap when you live further out. Everything becomes more expensive. Still struggling after three years to restart my company here. Not making GTA money that's for sure.
Schedule sucked for those living way out of town. No way we could have made weeknight games. Not sure if we can get seasons next year either. Who'd want to after this debacle. Will be at Grey Cup but unless Calgary makes it we won't go to the game. My wife may if her Stamps are there.

They need to be in the public eye year round. They are a forgotten team. We travel around The Kawartha's and Northhumberland areas and see Jays crap everywhere. People looked at me in Lakefield yesterday like I had horns coming from my head because I was in an Argo tee. Jays hats and tee's everywhere.

They need to market more affectively and at this point fire Barker and Milo and clean house.

You can advertise and promote all you want, but if the product you are selling is crap nobody will buy it.
There is nothing wrong with the Stadium or the promotion, It is the product on the field that nobody cares to see.
Barker and Milanovich have royally screwed this whole thing up!
With this product on the field, the only way you could get 10,000 more fans in the seats, is with free beer and naked cheerleaders!

True enough Grover and that's why I think Barker and Milo have set the team back five years.

I've said it multiple times that Barker let's guys walk way to easily and it's so difficult to build a team with constant turnover year in and year out. You can't have key positions being played by rookies every year. He and Milo are both under .500 with the Argos.Barker seems to full of himself feeling that he so good he can always find replacements. Well he isn't and it hasn't worked.
How does that save your job? I'm still not sure how guys like Shane Williams-Rhodes from Boise St and Jeremy Gallon were cut in preseason. Both were very successful but smaller receivers and returners in top notch NCAA programs. Barker and Milo knew they had issues with the so called big three last year. I don't even think losing Harris and Collaros is even an issue at this point. Harris is up and down and Collaros is like Buck Pierce always injured. Plenty of other questionable moves like dealing your number one 2017 pick to Winnipeg along with a solid db and a pick in 2018 for Drew 'Never Done Squat' Willy.

I really hope Cody Fajardo is the young qb going forward.

I hate to say it Grover , but our product on the field is not much better , at least they won a G.C four years ago , us , not so much.

Not sure what the other team perks are but the Ticats don't give you anything worthwhile. Same seats, early chance at (way overpriced) GC tickets, 10% off overpriced merchandise (which anyone can get by signing onto and the ability to buy extra discounted tickets foryour friends (what's in it for me?). I also got my name on the Legacy wall spelled incorrectly (which they admitted was their mistake. ....too bad so sad. Nice response from them) . And they have been on a tear with emails to renew before Dec 8, pay in full and get 4% in in-store credits. (About $50 value). This after raising prices again, having the worst concessions in North America and regressing as a football team. After this very disappointing season, I may just not renew after 40 years of supporting this team.
Never thought I'd think this way. :frowning:

[i]You won't get 10 000 more fans in Toronto. Toronto is a crappy CFL city.

The only way is to move the Argos to Hamilton, and merge them with the Ticats. The new team would be called the Argocats.

They would be the most despised team in human history! :smiley: [/i]

That was the first actual funny post Johnny has posted.


I have to say that I went to almost all games at BMO and liked the atmosphere. Fans there seemed to like it also even though the team performance was poor.

They have to promote the "Fresh Start" SSR, Toronto Maple Leafs approach to gain back fans.

Next years schedule needs to be more fan friendly. No more beginning of the week games unless on a holiday. NO more going up against the Jays unless they were mediocre the year before, then it doesn't matter. Thurs and Friday night they need to take their turn and when this happens partner with a few of the local hotels so people could stay over and shop the next day or what ever . I am in Burlington and my wife would go to the game if we did this.

Promotions for tickets to get more into the stands could offer season seat holders of 2 or more - 2 additional seats for 1/2 price. Also offer this to 3 pack holders also. For 3 games they could buy additional 2 seats for 1/2 price. Also a youth pricing structure so we can bring younger family and not pay full price.

Season seat holders are also placed in a draw for 4 Grey Cup tickets plus flight, hotel etc. Sponsors could cover this if they could get something back. Also give season seat holders 1 free tailgate pass so they could also try this out.

October breast cancer awareness month, pick 1 of the home games and make it a women/girls day with 1/2 price tickets for the ladies only. Also have a half time show that the ladies may enjoy.

Offer group ticket discounts especially for youth groups.

Pick 1 game for high school, college, university students and offer them a promotional ticket price. Somehow more girls = more boys. Give away a certificate for a sponge football at cost such as the "Black Max" sponge. Anyone can throw this ball with a spiral and I am sure they would start to see them in the school yards being tossed around.

Team needs to sign as many as possible, FA younger Canadians regardless of position, then set the team ratio based on this. Sign some of the American FA's based on positions left. Make sure everyone knows as part of the marketing.

Ricky Ray moves to a backup/teaching roll so target a FA QB such as Franklin from the EE. He is young, big, fast with a strong arm out of the NCAA.

Well at least the Argos are looking for feedback on how to get more than 12,000 actual butts in the seat for next season. The owners showed their arrogance in their nonchalant approach to this season with a very late push for season tickets and Grey Cup tickets and absurdly priced tickets for both. Just goes to show if someone is rich, you should not always give them the benefit of the doubt in their decision-making.

Tannenbaum and company probably thought the move the BMO would have businesses tripping all over themselves looking to buy suites and blocks of seats to the games - they wouldn't have to put much effort into the process. Maybe the Larry Smith approach is one they will have to incorporate for next year. Walk door-to-door enticing one business at a time.

The Last Word

Yup :roll: I can just see it now :lol:

…For starters you need a solid management team…Argos don’t have that…Barker has passed his best before date and now appears to have dragged Milanovitch with him out the door…I’m predicting they both get pink slips at the end of the reg. season and the new owners will start fresh…The product on the field is a dismal failure and you won’t get many fans scrambling to buy tickets to that clown show unless they see real change…That means hiring a new GM and coach with CFL credibility…This nightmare the argos are going through right now will continue on to next year, starting with the draft…Barker gambled that he had obtained a hidden gem in Willy that produced a deal that sent their no. 1 to Wpg. …Bad move…That will be felt in 17’…Bad management at a time they needed to show more… and fans gazing at two qb.s that Barker got rid of (Harris and Collaros) playing well for other teams, adds to the very bad managing by one Jim Barker…I don’t see any chance ,if Barker goes, that Milo hangs on… He’s most likely going to be viewed as being attached to this current mess and will not be seen as positive change to the fanbase…So if the argos want to put 10,000 more bums in seats AND hang on to what they have, it all starts there with the firing of Barker…My take anyway…

Barker never took the draft seriously anyhow. To him I'm sure the number one or two pick wasn't a big deal. Milo is so stuck in his ways wanting Willy a qb that reminded him of himself, a useless pylon of a qb. Just look at how dopey Milo looks like a deer in the headlights on the sidelines. The whole organization has blown it this year in a big way. They are falling further and further out of the sports scene in Toronto. I'm starting to hear people talk and worry about folding.
Next year they must start with a better schedule. This every game of the week stuff is horrible. That wasn't supposed to happen at BMO.

Who will the Argos rehash if they fire Barker and Milo. I'd love to see Blake Nil get a shot of coaching in TO. He's been a great CIS coach where ever he's been. He's a no BS kind of guy.

^^Made me LOL.^^

Hope you renew, Lenny.

^^ Good post. ^^

As I have said a MILLION times...

Tie buying Argos (Season?) tickets with things young people pay attention to. Have a draw, at a game, that gives people a chance to be on a Reality Show.

Advertise, "A Young Couple at the next Argos game will be chosen for the next season of the Amazing Race Canada" - CTV owns the rights and there is no cost.

I am sure Tannen-Bell has connections within the modelling industry. Advertise, "We will be hiring 5 Beautiful women (ages 19 and up), at the next Argos game, to be on Project Runway Canada - must have modelling portfolios."

Where is the cost? And young men will show up to see all the beautiful wanna-be-models.

Again, Tannen-Bell has the connections. Use them!

A ton of movies are made in Toronto every year - "Hollywood North". As I said above, I am sure Tannen-Bell has connections so...

"We are looking for an aspiring actor/actress who would like a bit part in the Movie . Please provide info with your Ticket stub at the next Argos game for your chance."

I know some posters will mock the idea but what is the down side? Let the winner play a waitress with one line, "Can I help you?". They will need someone for these roles so what are they out?

Sorry to cut your post Kevin but we must of been typing at the same time.

I wouldn't make a change at GM and coach unless I have superstars ready to hire. They took a chance with Willy as QB and so far hasn't worked out to date.

If you are willing to spend at free agent time then the draft is not as important to miss for 1 year. You wouldn't see these guys for a few years anyway. A 1st round choice for a starting QB doesn't look out of line. 2 year contracts has changed FA to a point where it is more important then the draft in my opinion.

League and P.A. could help the perception of the league by not having secret protective list of Americans. Also allow each team to bonus out their draft selections where they would not use Cap space to do it. Set a $ amount for each team (400K? max.) and allow them to sign these players if the GM & Coach agrees. Maybe not all draft selections warrant a signing bonus but give the team an option.

Then the draft can go after the best Canadians and the league has given the team a tool to help sign these guys. This is moving the league forward and not breaking the bank to do it.

Also allow a coach to substitute an injury with whoever he thinks he needs at the time. Then reset for next game. DO SOMETHING as the ratio rules hurt perception. If you have to replace a veteran OL with a rookie, then kiss the QB good bye.