How do like the way things are going so far?

There was quite an outcry (some good and some not good) when Shivers was fired. Some more cries when Barret was let go. A lot of people said many players would bolt. Austin was hired, more good and bad was spoken. We are not even to the FA season yet. The Riders have announced as many if not more contract re-negotiations as anyone.

Do you like what you have seen since the end of November?

still not sure.we signed alot of our back ups and a few starters but what tillman says no extencion to hunt and matt d i was mad. he also has said a high priced vet will be traded for a wr. so i think it will be a player in there option year so the pickens are slim,he has said this stuff on saskriders web site. who actually thought paying for a membership would be worth something.

Sask should have kept Barret.

I couldn't disagree with you more.

He had seven years to prove himself, and couldn't.....I like the direction things are headed at this point in time - only time will tell if I'm still happy next summer.....

The only reason he wanted you to keep Barrett was so his Winnipeg team could win the Labour day classic. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Actually, there have been nasty rumours that Barrett could end up in BC as an Offensive Coordinator. I hope that doesn't happen!

I would have liked to see DB back for another year but it didnt happen,one more yr with KJ getting comfortable might be the turning point.I am not an Austin fan he jumped ship when times were tough before and as a coach his resume is short I hope he proves me wrong and as for DB working for BC i will hate it but i wish him the best against everybody but Us.

oaky, I really don't think that you can blame Austin for requesting a trade back that many years ago. We had a manager named Ford who was so tight with money that he had to wipe beaver excrement off his hands after picking up a nickel. Austin was a premier QB who should have been paid a premier wage. Please don't reply that we could not afford it. By not paying competitive wages Ford almost ran this team into the ground. If Ford had been willing to pay Austin likely would have retired a Rider. Blame Ford not Austin!

I thought KA was one of the highest paid players at the time and didnt the riders invest is some telecom company of his in the states. As far as premier Qb yea he put up some numbers but how many yrs did Riders make playoffs with him?

Well, we won half our Grey Cups with him..... :lol:

My point exactly 2 grey cups in how many yrs. and we didnt have a home playoff that yr either . I hope KA guide the Riders to top every yr but all these guys that think he will be so much better than DB, only time will tell

I'm still in "let's wait and see" mode. I wasn't a big fan of having Kent Austin come in as a head coach, but I'm willing to give him a chance and see what he's all about.

I would give ET a C, or maybe C+.
He hasn't done anything to completely tick me off, but he also has done nothing to fill me with enthusiasm either.

Merry Christmas!

im not a kent austin fan...i think tillman would have been smarter to have
headcoach: ritchie
oc: austin
dc: hall
and then in a couple of years have hall or austin replace him

I like the way things are going I mean come on give Kent a break, We haven't even started The season with Kent Austin as head coach Just see what he does with the team and after one year you will either agree with me or stick with your opinions I personally hope you agree with me.