how do i

lose some extra weight fast for football.

Well you dont want to do anything unsafe. I play University ball and I can tell you this, the scouts at these Universitys don’t give a sh*t about high school ball. To be honest, you get noticed playing in Varsity type league. So just use your high school career has practice for when you play Varsity. You do play Varsity right? Don’t worry about the weight, it’s better to build it into muscle then just flat out lose it. Good luck with high school football, but don’t take it that seriously, because it’s nothing compared to Varsity.

he is only going into grade 9. Seriously kid don't worry about losing weight and all that stuff. go out there and learn the game, and have fun. University is 4 years away.

And argos 04, at the risk of sounding stupid tell me what varsity is. We don't have that in Sask. we have High school, then CJFL, then Uni. A lot of people go to CJFL first and then uni if they are good enough, many do go straight to Uni from high school. This is all gonna change now with the new rules that prevent people from playing all five years of juniur and then jumping to CIS and getting another five years. I am not sure when your eligibility starts dropping, i think its at 20. Stupid eastern colleges kept bitching because they do not have as well developed juniur program as we have out west.

hey argochamps you play in the OUA? Im a UofT alum and I go to a lot of Varsity blues games (I gotta see them win JUST ONE GAME!!!) Let me know if you play for the blues or another team playing in the big field formerly known as varsity stadium and we'll cheer ya on!

lose weight slow man, not fast. CHange your lifestyle. The body for life program or similar to it is awesome. Read the book. Make sure to work out on the weights consistently. You will feel much better. Having a tv in my weight room has helped me be consistent. I schedule my workouts around CFL games. I will be pumping iron tonight to Als/ Argos.

Eat less, run more.

Hope it's not for the U of T...cause that ain't university ball, bro. :wink:

Can I edit…Eat healthy, run more!

Bah ... get your hands on a couple cycles of GH at least 8-10 months ahead of the season ... and some speed or another decent amphetimines ... take a lot of protein and amino acid's supplements ... workout like a madman (2-3 hrs a day .. 6 days a week) ... high starch, carb and fat diet as long as you burn it all off ... then trim your water weight for about 2 weeks before you have to weigh in ... use pot to calm your anxieties and stress since you'll be putting your body through a lot ...

TADA .... in 10 months we can convert you from you ... to Terrell Owens.


You forgot...add 1 giant, giant ego......

Running works, and helps you build endurance and speed.
Get a job at a grocery store. You will spend 5-9 hours of your day walking around and lifting things, and will be paid for it.
Don't eat ice cream. It's the worst thing in the world.
Convert the fat to muscle - workout occassionally.

I've used all three this summer, and I've lost 20 pounds.