How do I watch live games online?(from Canada)

How do I watch live games online?
I cannot figure it out??? :frowning:

I thought was streaming them but I guess not

I cant get it to work either. Theres a storm coming thru and the satalitte is going in and out and it would be nice to have a backup.

I just lost the signal I guess Ill be listening to this one. this guy streams all the games onl9ine enjoy

you're a good man.

Move back here or you'll end up hooked on Nascar and forget about us. :lol:

I thought was streaming all of them too, I guess they're only streaming the Friday games.

I think all the games are available as Video on demand once they're finished (not really when I'm demanding the games :wink: ) but they put the score right next to the download link!