How Do I Use The Search Function?: How To Find Old Posts

Alright, this is a solid idea and has been a standard on websites as long as websites have been around, so I'll go first.

When you need to look up one of your old posts or anybody else's, the best way to do it is click on the search icon (the magnifying glass) and then on the far right of the search box click on the icon for "open advanced search."

  1. Enter whatever subject or words you are looking up, and it helps to put in something unique not common like "CFL".

  2. On the left under "Categorized" enter in which section if you remember.

  3. Then on the bottom right, especially when it was a recent post, enter AFTER and then the date.

The search function is far from perfect, but in this way you prioritize the search to the most recent and active threads so that you can find your post.

There are many other features associated with the search function and play around if you will, but this one for me has been by far the most useful whenever I need to find a recent post but can't remember exactly where it was on the forum.


Can you also search by who posted it? If not, could that feature be added?

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Yes you can do that under "Posted By" on the right under the advanced search and possibly also via the general search box.