How do I save forum preferences?

Since the change to a choice between a dark and light theme, the default seems to be set on light (which I don't want). I keep setting it to the dark theme, but each time I come back to the forum, it's in the light setting. How do I save my preference for the dark theme (and don't say, "just click on "dark theme", because it only changes it for the time I'm logged in, it's not permanent. I really don't want to have to keep changing the setting each time I come back to the forum.
StampsRock! (username)

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oh that’s strange it doesn’t save the setting. try it from your profile preferences settings here: profile preferences interface settings

make sure you scroll down and save your settings

I changed to Masters theme for the weekend and it hasn’t changed.

But then I never log out. Maybe it’s the logging out that triggers the reversion?

it shouldn’t unless one deletes their cached internet files. sometimes mobile doesn’t remember if you log out, but if you don’t log out it should still remember the last theme used. also there is a checkbox next to the above preferences setting for those that want the same theme on all devices they use.

I did what you said and saved iit in profile settings. Worked OK when I left the forum and came back later after surfing internet. When I left the internet but still using computer and then went back online, accessing this forum I see the settings were back at default and not saved. I'm not deleting cache, just going offline and coming bake on.
Is there some way to permanently save my preferences for this forum? Never had this problem for any other forums I visit.

Working now, for some reason, so everything OK.

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