How do I get tickets?

Hi, my husband and I will come from Hamburg (Germany) to Canada mid of September for a 3 weeks holiday. On September 16 we will stay in Toronto and as this is my husband's 60th birthday that day, and as we are both fans of american football I would like to break in on him with 2 tickets for your game vs Edmonton.
Will it be possible to purchase tickets at the stadion that evening? Or can I buy them online and pick them up at the box office? Of course I would like to have something "in hands" to present to my husband on his birthday.
And, is there any seat category I should prefer (good view, low price )
Do you have an advice how I manage this best?
Thanks for quick reply,

ticat-staff help an over seas fan out

Go to tickets up above and follow the links. You'll get all the information that you need.

It's a small stadium so every seat has good viewing. Do you prefer to be low down and get a real close view of the action or do you like being higher and seeing all the field. The same price can get you either.

Are you drinkers or not? Do you mind the occasional loud fan or possible drunken one? If you don't drink or want to avoid the possibility of having one next to you try Section 30- the Family Section.

Hi there Saskia, guten morgen

Welcome to Canada and it is nice to see you coming to a CFL game. I too, was looking forward to taking some relatives from England (here for only that weekend) to the game but I have been told that I am not allowed to trade in any of my 4 seasons tickets in 30A to get 4 seats together (I have 2 pairs about 5 rows apart) and move up a section or two. I even went so far as to offer to trade all 12 of the last remaining seasons tickets in for the 4 I wanted. The TigerCats could resell then at the $18 regular price whereas my cost is about $11-12. They would even pocket and extra $6-7 per ticket.

But, it is apparently against company policy, to quote "Our ticket operations person keeps saying it's against policy. I understand what you mean but others have been told no, so it can't be changed mid way through a season.

Because of this I must exercise my right as a consumer and I will be looking at taking them elsewhere that night.

So in a nut shell you are welcome to HAVE 2 of my seasons tickets if you so choose and as a gesture of Canadian good will, it will be at no cost.

If you are interested PM me and I will arrange to leave them at my store for you to pick up.

Cheers Randy

A good way to make 2 new TiCat fans. Good on you Randy.

An Argo fan

Randy..I've got 4 in the front Row of 30b

I give at least 2 away every game! Maybe we can trade if that will help your situation and still let these people from Germany have 2!

Glad to see you have the right spirit! :thup:

PM me I'll give you my toll free number!

Randy- weird. I've had no problem with trades like that all year. Is it only for Labor Day or perhaps just store staff don't know the drill if that's where you're trying to do the exchange. Contact the front office to be sure.

rand you shouldn't have any problem i did that same thing for the labour day game i was short a seat and they exchanged 8 for 9 seats together for me. You might have gotten the run around or they just did not have 4 in a row. Speak to someone else you should have no problem but do it soon.

Stop by the bottom of Section 25, scream out "argosey das Saugen". See what happens.

Have fun!

Hi Jake,
Interesting suggestion but I dunna think that it would go to far since it sounds like we'd be saying the Argos are soggy.

BTW, just as a note the couple from Germany has taken me up on my offer and surprisingly their hotel is about a block away from my eye Dr, so I'll kill two birds with one trip into the BIG Smoke.