how do i change the time settings in the messageboard?

its currently 1:17 pm, but on the board it says 6:17, i would like to know how to change time settings and various other setting on this board.

you are supposed to be able to set your time zone in your profile, ie: " GMT -+ x hours, as per the lower right of the screen. However, I dont seem to be able to do so in my profile and I have emailed and pm those in charge about it, but they cant be bothered to respond. Cant change my password either. There is a way you supposed to do it, but when I do it, it doesnt work, but they cant be bothered to respond to my inquiries about that either.

We all show 7 hours behind the actual time, so it would seem like there's a simple solution but I guess not! Hard not to agree with FYB's cynicism. Ironically if you log out and browse the forum the times are correct.

this is pretty ridiculous that we cant change a simple item like the time settings

Why? We can't seem to change our offensive and defensive schemes at half-time...

Ah yes.... the things we worry about.
Will the sun come out tomorrow? Wait and see. :o

If it doesn't come out, there will be threads blaming Lancaster, threads calling to "bring in" somebody who has previous experience in the field, threads calling for Bob to jump in and fix the problem.

naah, it will all be the refs fault