How did they do it?

I hear that the Women's Canada Roc hockey game was played with them all wearing masks while playing. I am very much in support of wearing masks, but I dont enjoy it and can not do so for very long. I cant imagine playing such a sport while wearing them.


Unlike antimasker lies, Masks do not block oxygen

no they dont, but I find that if I start to breath heavier, it heats up inside. Uncomfortable for me.

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I assume we are talking about the performance of having a mask on during a hockey game, right? Athletes do train with them on to make their respratory systems stronger. So I imagine it was rough for them to play, but they still came through.

…talk to a vet or someone in the active forces about training in a gas mask…it sounds absolutely brutal…

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A gas mask is not a medical mask

…of course it isnt, duh