How did Jesse get hurt again yesterday?

I say trade him to the team wiht the best trainig staff/doctors. He is no good for the cats and maybe he'll be good for the league if can stay relatively health. I think its unrealistic to think he wont get another injury if continues pro football. If he was an import he would be out of the league.

Yes those players are INJURED, big diference between injured and hurt, to quote James Caan from the program 'when your hurt you can still play, injured you can't'. The big question is is Jesse always injured or is he always hurt.

So you're saying Lumsden in not injured?

What exactly is his health status?

Do you know?

I say end the Jessie experiment now. Too often injured/hurt. The Eskimos released Ron McClendon recently making room for Jessie. If you have noted the last two home games Jessie was in the stands spreading the love - he should have been with the team and instead of thinking he some sort of a supper star. As I previously stated, get rid of him as soon as possible. All that crap in the paper about wanting Jessie back is smoke and mirrors - we have enough back up running back talent to replace him permanently.

During Mondays game....TSN said he has missed 28 games in the last 3 years

Which is impossible considering in 2006 he didn't come to the cats until half way through the season.

Armchair you really have to get over this hateon you have for Lumsden . The man finished the game what more do you want him to do ?? Especially a blowout !!! Do you think he would risk a more serious injury in a blowout ??

Actually, I believe it's 28 games missed over the last four seasons. Which is still a lot.

Lumsden is a more talented version of Eric Lapointe. Great Canadian back who can never stay healthy. And RB is the most punishing position in the game with the shortest career span. If Jesse can't stay healthy in his prime, how is he going to fare in a few years, when he's lost a step?

How did he "finish" the game? He was too hurt to play 90% of the reps. He ran for what... -3 yards.

He is made of glass. As soon as he signs with someone else I'm going to cut the "Lumsden" name bar off my jersey and add "Cinderella" in it's stead.

How can you say yes when the guy can't step on the field and play a series before he is out again? Seriously this guy is done here abd any other team will see he is glass

Most of this talk is just crazy, I dont understand why everyone is always on Jesse's case. Why not Caully? he missed the first 3 games with an injured shoulder played like 4 or five games and then is missing the rest of the season with an injured knee. Oh and then there is Printers who came in last year and was supposed to be our saving grace but got injured last year and has missed most of the season this year but nobody is saying he is made of glass. at least Jesse truly wants to be out there and playing and hurt or not he always is giving it 100% because he is a true football player who plays with heart if i am wrong then he would'nt have came back last saturday to a blowout game and still catch balls out of the backfeild with a bum shoulder and stil lower it to run a guy over for a first down. seriously get over this hate on for Jesse, we need him back next year, expecially since in the minimal playing time keith has had he has stunk it up.

agreed....let's hope JL wants to play in Hamilton next year.

I disagree we dont need the guy back the reason noone complains about caulley being hurt is he is american its much easier to replace him or kk with little to no impact on the team. With jesse in the lineup its not much different then caulley o kk but with him out its huge difference as we need to find a canadian to fill an import spot. He has contributed little over the 3.5 seasons he was here and has not made a difference on how teams play us. all he has been is marketing hype for the team and provided us with a few good games. he hasnt won us more games its time to move on and fill his ni spot with a high quality ni oline member which wont affect the ratio when hurt as finding another ni olinemen is way easier then rb