Did he look as good as last week? What were his stats?

go to the fan zone above and click live play by play then click on the game and you will see the stats.

i still think he is a non-precise passer. the only reason his staes are so good is because of the receivers the riders have. nealon alwys makes the receivers work for the ball. example: the crossing patern were the ball was two yards behind grant. theis is very typical nealon.

typical riders fashion. they win the game and people still complain they didn't do enought. they freakin won. leave it at that. I am with turkeybend on this one, the Riders are the 2005 grey cup champs.

Nealon has less impressive stats than the week before (he's like 15 for 31, 250 yards), but he still lead the team to a decisive W. That is all that should matter.

Couldn't have said it better myself. And any difficiencies he had was more than made up for by the defense, and since this is a team game, that is the kind of thing you want to see. Had Dorsey not fumbled on the one, we would have scored a major in all three parts of the game. And I guess technically FG's are special teams, so maybe not a major, but we did score in all three aspects. Cool. Sorry, just thinking out loud.

Go Riders!!