How did Football become Soccer in North America?

I often wondered how Football in North America became Soccer.
Anyone know how a modifide North American Rugby game could be called football , and real football gets called soccer here?

Soccer is an abbreviation for Association Football. The Football
Association was formed in London in October 1863 when representatives
of eleven clubs and schools met in an attempt to standardize the rules
of the game. One of the rules prohibited the carrying of the ball, a
rule that would lead to the Rugby-oriented clubs leaving the
Association several months later. The name Association Football was
coined to distinguish it from Rugby.

By 1889, the abbreviation socca' was in use, and the spelling soccer
had made its appearance by 1895."

Football-related sites, such as the Association of Football
Statistician's site ( ),
provide some interesting accounts of the history of "soccer":

Hey thanks Earl.
I would have never figured that one out.

And since "Association Football" is so much more popular than "Rugby Football" in England (and Europe in general), it gets to be the one called football ...

Trinidad and Tobago's national team is known as the "Socca Warriors"

Im from San Diego was just lurcking through your guys fine board. Was not planing on registering until I saw this comment. Being that my Mother is from Trinidad and Im a huge fan of the national team. I thought I would set the record strait as to the origens of the teams name. First off it not "Socca" Warriors, its Soca Warriors. Soca is the most popular type of music on the island. Its a combo of soul and Calypso music. Hence the term Soca.
Any ways I hope I did not bore any one. Congrats on your team wining the Grey Cup! Hopefully my Chargers can bring home the Vince Lombardy Trophy to San Diego!! :smiley:

Always welcome comments from you guys down south who just like talking about football, period.
Best of luck to the Chargers, I think they have a great chance unless Marty returns to Martyball and too conservative when he should be a bit more daring. With LD, you should be able to do some nice play action stuff and hit the ends and receivers on short crossing routes which should be open with the linebackers having to respect LD.

Hey Chargersfan, it's always nice to see an interested American pop up on these boards. I was actually pretty sure it was spelt "Soca", but I wanted to emphasize that it's pronounced "Sokka", not (for example) "Sausa" or "Sosa" (although frankly, in hindsight I don't know why anyone would have thought it was anything other than "Sokka" if I'd spelt it properly).

However, I had no idea that Soca was in reference to a type of music, not soccer ... I actually like that better, since using "Soca" to refer to soccer always seemed kinda silly to me (not to mention I assumed they called it football). So is it actually pronounced "Soh-ka" (ie, "soul" music), not "saw-ka"?

And unfortunately, my team didn't win the Grey Cup, instead choosing to choke in the Western Division semifinals ... :frowning:

Hey CanucKev, here check out this music video for the teams fight song.
Should clare up how to pronounce everything:) Oh yeah I almost forgot, Earl Martyball is DEAD!!! It died a sad and very painfull death after that game against the Ravens. Down here we have a new name for the new style of play that Marty has been using ever since. We like to call it PARTYBALL!!! Chargers offence is the highest scoring offence in the NFL. We are averiging 30 points a game :slight_smile: And LT will be the league MVP!

Chargers fight song. Sorry I just could not help myself :stuck_out_tongue: