HOW DARE YOU WIN? LMAO - the postgame thread

Enjoy it folks...I know you want to!

Im shakin my head while lovin it

Game wore me out I think I need a cigarette... :lol: Great Entertainment Kinda of like a Hitchcock movie with a happy ending

Kudos to the defence and the special terms especially -- and for the offense late to find a way to get it done!

Tafralis just opened up our short-yardage package with the redeeming bomb, no? LOL

Cobb made a statement getting hard yards after his fumbling issue early.

And Porter outplayed Burris! Believe it or not! LOL

Q. PORTER 19/32 246 1 1
H. BURRIS 10/25 114 0 0

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Oski Wee Wee -- Just Win Baby North,


Wow, you guys should see the stampeders forums, they are hella pissed. I guess they must have assumed they were playing against a bunch of middle schoolers.

Burris had a Bishop-like night -- without the armpunts! Great job by our D to pressure him and contain Copeland in particular!

His one drop aside, I was VERY impressed with Currie. I forgot how that man can FLY!

GREAT Game Cats!!!!! you guys have become a Cinderella story, I love the fact you took it to Calgary! Enjoy it!

We are -- thanks! Good luck to your team too!

It's called Winning Ugly.

Same with the forums.. whining aboutn the "phantom" call on that last headshot to Porter!

How dare we run it out of the end zone and not give you the point!

Oskee wee wee

I don't know. It was alright but....I think Setta looked shakey, and I would have started Glenn.


Just kidding. Awesome game. Fabulous Defense

This wasn't Leodis McKelvin last week in the Bills game, Currie had time on the missed FG to spot a seam and take off. Brilliant return IMHO!

Oski Wee Wee,


I’m not sure where I should begin on what went right. Maybe I’ll begin with Floyd, the recipient of the watch tonight. He was impressive with those two sacks, although Johnson and Hickman also deserve credit. Speaking of that watch, check out what was said about Floyd before the game here:

Porter did not get off to a good start. But as Bellefeuille said, “you have to give him the opportunity to play through some things. Part of his growth is going to be to finish and to play through some challenges.” And staying the course was a good call. And how good would his numbers have been had it not been for those drops by Bruce and Currie? And Cobb had that costly fumble returned for the TD, but did well other than that.

Hey, Porter has a shorter leash next game if the Als are bringing the offense, no question. I really thought he gutted it out and played well in the second half. He could have had two or three TDs from drops (or the close play in the end zone early), depending on one's viewpoint.

My starter does yoga. And beats the champs! :wink:

Floyd is the emotional leader of the D -- tone setter, makes key plays and is the glue of the LB corps. Great job as always!

Oski Wee Wee,


Great game!!!!.
Gutsy play calling on the offence and an aggressive defence.
Congrats to Marcel and the whole team......especially Adam Trafalis. :rockin:

Awesome game.

The team showed real grit after the early miscues that put us in a hole. It would have been easy to mail it in, but they didn't, they played their hearts out the rest of the way.

QP played a fine game after the first qurater yips. He rose to the occasion beautifully. He's a good QB and leader. I'm glad he played, went the whole way, and gutted out a win. This is a major boost for his confidence.

Tafralis was beautiful. I hope he gets to keep that ball!

Cobb played hard all night long.

Bruce was such a great threat, he's an amazing addition to the team.

The defence was terrific. They kept us in it for the first half, and maintained the pace through the second half as the offence came on.

BTW, Sandy Beveridge played well, I'm especially glad to see that.

And Marcel coached very well, excellent game management. He was patient with QP through the early struggles, let him get into the game. He took gambles at the right time, whether they worked out or not. The Tafralis bomb was a gutsy call, a great lift for us, and a dagger to the heart for the Stamps. Superb timing. The way he took time off the clock to preserve the win in the last offensive series was great too, lining up for the gamble, checking the defence, then punting. Fantastic. We have the right coach I believe.

This was the Grey Cup champions we were playing tonight, they've been rounding into form and they were bringing a three game win streak into town. To win this one, and especially the way we did, is a terrific boost for our team. The Tiger-Cats are for real alright, we're a threat to win every time we play.

Congratulations to our team.

Winning is a GREAT DEODORANT. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

No AXEing tonight, eh folks? LOL

Excellent synopsis, Steve. This game is a potential season-shifter. If we can at least split with Montreal in the next two head-to-head games, that should give us the in on a playoff spot, all things being equal. Hopefully the Naughts and the Spies will tank on the weekend to give us more of a cushion going into next week!

Oski Wee Wee,