Only in Hamilton.:wink:

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Isn't that the way it works if you win you say you shoulda done better if you lose well you know how it goes. if an outsider read our boards im pretty sure they could never tell if we won or lost if they didnt know the score. the comments are pretty much the same. I for one am happy we won easily yes there is something to work on in practice but finally we have a team that we can be proud of and get excited about

The key is that there is a lot of work to do AFTER a win. The team gets the fact that it's a process, I think. We have playmakers on both sides of the ball.

We need more consistency on the offense, but that has as much to do with the execution aspect as it is in the kinds of plays we run -- especially in the red zone, IMHO. There needs to be a cleanup re the wideout offsides, illegal procedures, and the like. This team still doesn't use motion well compared to other contending offenses in the league.

That being stated, good on them for putting the Naughts three games back!! Props have to go to the defence and the special teams for the turnover margin!

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Well, perhaps fans wanted to see a blowout considering who the opponent was.

And check out the first sentence of Drew Edwards' latest blog post: ... assic.html

But maybe this should not be the story. We could focus on positives. Johnson had a great game, Glenn got the job done, and Bruce and Stala are great to have in the receiving corps.

Winning by 19 IS a blowout. LMAO

A bigger blowout? Sure, but I think this was a statement game. The Cats can get a lot better...but what it is now is LIGHT YEARS over last year.

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I think some of the things will iron out once we have a qb in there regulary and stick to one guy. I also think some of the wideout offsides could have been attributed to nerves possibly noise. I think t he biggest thing with execution aside from the things you mentioned is for the offense to put the same line up on the field every week barring injury. We've had 9 game to experiment now is the time develop some chemistry and getting everyone firing together and working as a unit. Decide on a QB receivers etc and stick to it. I think that will clear up a good amount of execution and red zone errors. What it looked like today was guys who just haven't worked enough together to get everything perfect.

Are we going to have a debate over the definition of the term "blowout"? :slight_smile:

But yes, considering how this team has performed in recent years, I can't complain.

There was some noise there. And maybe as Glenn gains more experience with his new teammates he'll be more consistent. We'll see.


We should be proud. We have been in every game this year. Im cherishing this moment. Beating the Argos on Labour day!!! It doesnt get any better. The way our defense played, we probably should have beat them by 30, but hey who cares, we`ll take this!!!

Besides our Defense, and Johnson. I was really impressed with Stalla and Bruce. Do those guys ever drop a pass. Talk about great receivers!!! The ticats and great defense are finally back in town :rockin:

Yes it is and that is all we can ask for. This season has already been a success. Sure if we lose the last 9 games it will be a flop, but that’s not going to happen. All I wanted for this year was a competitive team that wins ball games and plays with pride. It’s not all going to happen over night. This season can’t be considered anything less then a roaring success.

I want a playoff spot. LOL That's the measure for me. We are on our way to host a playoff game, so the key is to continue to beat Toronto and Winnipeg and see if we can steal a game from the Riders, Als, and Stamps. If the defence can remain opportunistic, we have a really good shot at making the dance, IMHO.

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We should have one by 30