How’d they do that?

Which is the more amazing feat in your opinion?

A. Calgary’s ability for finding top notch quarterbacks.
B. BC’s for their receivers.
C. The East actually winning their share of Grey Cups.
D. The Leafs inability to “overcome” being up three games
to one in the playoffs.
D. Add your own

Damn you Calgary! And your scouts!
I pick a.

I'll say D because I hate the Leafs and hate to give the Stamps, the Lions or the East props.

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Until recently, you guys had a knack for always having good QB’s.

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E. Hamilton's ability to not win a GC from 2010-2021 despite everyone else winning at least 1, and making it to 4 themselves.


They’ve had some bad luck along the way.

Some. But losing the GC doesn't make you the 2nd best team. In a single division league they wouldn't have been to 4.

They were only the favourite once.

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I was glad for Winnipeg when their drought ended.
I’d like to see Hamilton’s end soon......if the Als don’t make it of course.


They've been doing it for like three decades now. How? I wonder what the East division would be like today if the Argos or Als had been able to pull that off.

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I know. It’s quite impressive. At least for us Habs fans,
the same can be said about goalies. When’s the last year the Stamps had a sub par pivot?

D: the elks current futile home losing streak of 14

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