how could the cfl make the league better???

me personally if the cfl start having more preseason games and have them all over canada and parts of the us(northern states only)and then have grey cup games in the states then that gives you tv exposure and us fans coming to see whats the cfl all about.. my own personal quote i strongly live by is spend money to make more money and believe me it always works..

add one more preseason week, AFTER the league adds the tenth team, no before.

and as much as I would like to see the Grey Cup in Baltiore (like it would have been in 97) whith the money coming from it being divided among the other CFL teams, that's never gonna happen, you would sonner have Grey Cups in non CFL Canadian Cities than down south.

make me commish!

Ok, you got my vote as long as you make me vice commissioner, or at least the leader of the rules committee. 8)

chill everyone, I keep the 13th men thing, but the etc etc etc has to change.

see KKblog for details.

Remove the 1 point for missed field goals and punts/kickoffs through the end zone.

The “rouge” is a lame way to win a game and even though the Lions are my team, i’m glad Wally didnt win it the way he wanted to. A punt for a win, come on that’s just BS.

Also, the crowd noise on TV for a CFL game compared to an NFL is night and day. TSN and CBC need to do a better job getting mics near the fans because there is no atmosphere. There was more than usual at this last Saskatchewan game but still, i flip it to the Seahawks game and it’s like men against boys.

I guess having 40000 more fans in the stadium has something to do with it…but CFl games on TV just lack the excitement and packaging that the big NFL networks are doing.

Marketing. There is no CFL players in commercials except for Damon's Rogers one. Or look at the NHL's way of marketing, and the whole my NHL thing worked well. They didnt go with superstars in their commercials. Also I think Reebok needs to step up since they are a main sponcer of the CFL.

With the punt/kick sailing through the endzone for a single - I think the rule should be, it will only count as a single IF the ball bounces (or would have bounced) in the endzone first. That way, there's always a chance for the other team to run it out - unless you have a REALLY good punter (in which case, yeah, you deserve a single).

Allow each team to have 2 players that don't count against the salary cap.

Speaking of the Commish, Drummer, you’re the media expert, have the CFL got any candidates to replace Tom Wright yet?

Any buzz from the Toronto area media?

You on the rules commitee. Never!
If that happened I think I'd go watch paint dry first.

I second that ...


ya ya ya
you have said it 100 times already and still no one cares!

I'm starting to think the NFL is paying off the Canadian media. Money talks, right? So why is there SO much NFL stuff on TV, when the ratings support the CFL? There MUST be money coming from somewhere else.

TV stations, radio stations run contests for NFL picks each week ... what about CFL?!? Monday Night Football is always hyped at bars ... what about Friday Night Football?!? NFL merchandise is frequently used as a prize ... what about CFL merchandise?!? I don't know if the CFL has the money to do something about this, but if so, then I think they should.

cfl teams set up indoor season,,developemental "season"for future prospects?

oh turn it up fellas! at least I would do anything as stupid as remove the single, or have it be on a bonce only.

nothing presonal Canuckev, but their isn't a single if the ball goes thur the endzone w/o being touched on a kickoff, isn't that enough for ya?

with the exception of indoor, isn't the CJFL like that for the CFL?

don't they already do that with the resevre list? and if not, what would be the point of this?

The CJFL is an alternative for players who are not enrolled in a university program...

maybe the CFL should use it as a development league? like a farm league kind of.

No KK Read what joedavtav has posted. CJFL is a Junior league. There are age restrictions as well.

How often is the game won on a single? I can't remember a single time this has happened.. although I can remember seeing it attempted twice. I like the single point, it's one of the biggest things that makes this league different than the NFL.

As far as changes.. atmosphere all the way.. at any NFL game you have confetti and smoke machines and all kinds of hype going on to make every game seem like a championship. It's all just marketing and promotion combined with some cheap gimmicks. This could make a huge difference in the TV audience because when someone is flipping channels and sees all this craziness going on they assume it's worth watching.