How confident are you in picking a Rider win?

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No doubt in my mind the Riders win this one. They manhandled Glenn in the last game and I think they will be a bit more prepared for Tate or Mitchel coming off the bench. Their O should be more focused as well, and DD is a playoff quarterback.

I am just hoping Cortez doesn't put too much into the 'soft' DTs (the 2 new starters), because 1 of them is an improvement and 1 of them has looked pretty good in his rotations.

I think it's going to be a close one, with the Riders winning this one! Came close last game, and I think they want that home grey cup. Getz is back and always plays big against Calgary. Dressler will also be a main factor, the D will come to play this time, and expect lots of pressure on their QB /QB's. Gonna be a barn burner in Cowtown!! Like posted earlier, this is the real Grey Cup game, next week will just be going through the paces!! West will win this year!! regardless!! :rockin:

Kinda like last year when the East didn't have a chance?

It will be intersting with the contrast of Turner and Bishop being ligher and quicker DT and Legare at 275 the heavy leaving the big rookie off the roster who is more like there regular starters.
Riders plan as always is to establish a run game so will Best and Labatter run these two guys over and Sheets grab up chunks of yards. Did the running of Durant influence this strategy quicker DTs able to close the running lanes faster?
I guess let the chess game begin

DD and sheets will run for over 100 yards each = win. Rider D will be hugry and stop Cornish = win. 100 % confident my team will win. Go Riders Go !!!!

I just hope the game is a good one and the refs haven't decided all ready who will win. If the Riders lose an honest played game yes it will be very disappointing but at least you can live with they weren't playing against both the Stamps and the refs.
Go Riders and give em hell. What a gong show Regina would be with the home team playing for the big one.