How Comfortable Is THF???

I live an hour away and I have never been to THF. If I buy a single (in the nose bleeds), wear my bulky WINTER Ticat jacket, how comfortable/uncomfortable is THF? I am worried everyone else will be bundled up and we will be squeezed in like sardines.

In my younger days, I would not have thought twice about going. But, at my age, I keep thinking, "I can always stay home and watch it on my HDTV". Getting old sucks!!! :smiley:

Tons of room.

THF has the widest seats of any stadium in Canada.

Tim Hortons Field features the largest average individual stadium seats of any outdoor facility in Canada. Every seat in the stadium is an individual seat.

Seat sizes range from a minimum of 21 inches to a maximum of 24 inches depending on seating sections.

Leg room between rows is the widest in Canada for comparable facilities to ensure comfortable, easy passage through and across seating rows.

Thank you. Assuming it doesn't rain, I will be there.

I am taking a lady friend and we are hoping to go on the cheap. Are the seats in the Family Section bad?

If you want to be out of the wind then you take the west side higher up. We're in the cheap nosebleeds there and enjoy the game. As at most fields, if you're lower down near an end (most of the family zone) - which is on the EAST side - then it's hard to see the action at the far end of the field but you do see your own end up close. It all depends upon the experience that you want.

What section do you recommend?

218 and 212 (our section) are cheap and have the wind blocked. If you want to sit in the sun, the comparable seats across the field are in 203 and 208. However, you get the better view of the scoreboard from 212 and 208.

Thank you. I will check them out. :slight_smile:

Very comfortable, my fat ass fits in the seats with room to spare. That's the lower section mind you, I cant speak for the common folk that sit up in the higher levels. Lol

J/k my fear of heights and excersice is what keeps me in the lower levels

THF is comfortable, my only complaint is it takes A LOT longer to get out of the stadium than Ivor Wynne, I'm not sure if it's a flaw in the design, but I do notice about a 30 minute difference in exiting the stadium.

30 minutes!!! Holy cow... :thdn:

Last game against Ottawa , I left with 30 seconds left in the game took the stairs from Level 4 on the west side , was in my car which was parked across Barton street, was on the OEW via Burlington St in about 15 minutes after leaving my seat . No problems exiting , even had time to eat the free bag of chips they gave us on the way out .

My problem is I'm in section 214 and I usually wait until the game is over. The trick is to probably leave early or just sit and wait 20 minutes after the game and then leave.

I have my tickets. WEW HEW!!! $91 for 2 tickets aint too bad. My buddy’s ,who have God’s seats (my other friend and I are sitting in the Rub-A-Dub section), take their time leaving so… no hurry.

Can’t wait. My first time at THF. Then, my friends and I are going to a bar to watch the 2nd game and eat wings. Just started taking cholesterol meds so… HOPE THEY WORK!!! :wink:

Good for your Kevin , you will have a blast , weather looks good too ! BTW, where does God sit , always wanted to meet him ... he could be of assistance come Sunday , we may need him ...... You and your friends have fun ! Cheers

Thanks, Mr. Pike. :slight_smile: