How Come ? we arn't allowed a real coach ?

Hi Guys …sorry if my first post is negative, but I have to ask this …How come after 4 years of sell-outs …we arn’t allowed to have a real coach ? Why must we have a Manager who thinks he’s a coach guide the in-game strategies ? Why not a real football coach who knows what he’s doing ? Wht not step aside Popp and let someone else guide us through ? Someone who knows coaching…

Again sorry for the negativity …but just can’t keep it in any longer. I’ve been a Alsfan since as long as I can remember (Faloney, Patterson, Rifle, Dickson, Wade, …sheesh even Barnes)

I’am in enemy territory,but I’ll tell you, you have a very good team and you are still the team to beat in the east. Why Popp did and is doing is beyond me! Hopefully your organization will get rid of your useless OC and hire a “REAL” head coach. Calvillo is top of the line you just need to adjust the coaching situation. Unfortunately it probably won’t happen until the end of the season but keep the faith you guys have a very good team!!!

Almost looks like sabotage...dosen't it?

You guys are 5 and 4 at the halfway point and if they would let Calvillo call his own plays your record would be better than what it is and what it's going to be. If you guys can take out BC in your rematch next week then you'll be okay.

The coaching is so clearly the problem on this team each and every game it is evident even when we win. Matthews was an even matchup with Buono. Buono is a master coach and easily outcoached Popp. Even the game that the als win they win because they are able to amass a a solid lead before halftime then the opposition adjusts and the defence hangs on for the win while the offense struggles to get a first down

I on’t get it? Are you refering to Don Matthews as a sell out?..

I think he means selling out the stadium!

Jim Popp would get outcoached by just about anyone in the CFL this year. The only difference with B.C. is that Buono is the best coach in the league and so the gap between Popp and his opposite number is painfully apparent.

I swear, going from Don Matthews to Jim Popp makes me want to weep. I would much have preferred that Chris Jones be promoted and be allowed to pick his own coaching staff than watch this preening egomaniac Popp on the sidelines pretending he knows his ass from a hole in the ground.

Sorry, I meant sell outs as in selling out the seats in the stadium for each game....meaning they should have available funds to hire a professional coach with EXPERIENCE.

Here is my take on it,an its speculation. Last year when the Als went in a slump who fired Don Matthews? There are only 3 people who could possibly fire him. Wettenhaul,Smith or Popp.

Matthews was a mentor for Popp and Popp still talks to him to this day by his own admission. Doubt its him.

Wettenhaul has no history of meddling with the on field product and has a lot of respect for his football peope. Doubt its him.

Larry Smith...Worked with the media, takes care of the politics surrounding the team, the French media,selling the stadium renovation projects. Don was coming off problems with the media again...and it a slump.

I have a feeling Smith fired Matthews and Popp just decided to take over the team himself for practical and loyalty reasons. I don't like Popp as a coach but he is loyal and honnest to a T.

Popp is a business man, and should be in the owners box watching the game, not calling plays. Great mind for business, but not a good leader for a football team.

But maybe one of the guys in the box fired his coach so he decided not to hire another one...

But that's an absurd move if it is true. Why would he put himself in the line of fire if he were worried about Smith or Wetenhall power-tripping and firing the coach? And we have absolutely no proof that the higher-ups got involved in Matthews's decision to leave.

All we have is what's a matter of public record: the winningest coach in the CFL resigned his position, and was replaced, without any extended job search, by the GM, who was a (mediocre) position coach 15 years ago, and not even in the CFL. You could have thrown a stone and hit a more qualified candidate than Jim Popp. Hell, Chris Jones has five-plus years as defensive coordinator, a Grey Cup ring, and an extensive history with the team. And he wasn't even considered.

That is a piss-poor business decision that is going to haunt this team for years to come. Larry Smith should never have let Popp make this decision on his own.

Bottom line is really rather simple, and forgive me if you are reading this a second time because I know I have expressed this thought in other threads, but it bears repeating.

If you were the GM of the Alouettes last offseason, and an application came in for the head coaching position, and it read exactly as does Jim Popp's coaching (NOT General Manager, but COACHING) resume but the name was John Doe, would you hire John Doe?

No way; John Doe wouldn't even rate an interview, not when Jim Barker, Jacques Chapdelaine, Kevin Strasser, Chris Jones, Danny Barrett, Greg Marshall, et al, were available for interviews.

The ONLY way John Doe gets interviewed and then hired would be if the GM happened to BE John Doe, which is exactly what happened here.

And it should not have been allowed to happen.

Yeah but who fired Matthews ?...I may know a little more in a few weeks. I'll update you if I get anywhere. If Jim Popp fired Matthews and anointed himself Emperor, King and General that's one thing but what if Someone above him fired his coach? This would be a way of sticking it to the man. No?

Cause Popp is one guy they can't fire...

I dont now, nor will I ever believe that the Don was fired.
However, the first person to be fired is Bellefeuile.
The man knows nothing about football and if there is one thing I blame Popp for its hiring MB, not himself.
Get rid of MB first and if things dont improve, then Popp should step down.

Bellefieulle leaving is a given he is so clearly a terrible offensive coordinator, has no imagination and cant adjust on the fly at all. One of the things calvillo said when he first was given the ability to call his own plays was that with that ability he will be able to keep the team adjusted to any defensive schemes a play quicker than someone in the press box would. At this point a blind, autistic squirrel could call a better game than bellefieulle

However matthews leaving happened it happened but there was never any effort to replace him with a qualified coach or an up and comer coordinator and got hijacked by popp

If that's true, our organization is in trouble. NOBODY is untouchable. If Popp isn't doing his job, he should go. Simple as that.

I think the deal is : If at the end of the season the team dosen't meet certain criterias. Popp will step down. I'm holding him to it Damn it!