How come the Eskies think they are better than the Lions?

Face it people, Eskimos aren't that good.

As a Rider fan it pains me to say this, but I think that so many years of consistency in the Eskimo organization qualifies them for the position of "that good", don't you think? Really, they've been one of, if not the most, consistent team in the last couple decades. Cut them some slack, and give them some credit.

I agree fully with jm02. Actually, the Eskimos are the only team in the league I'd bet money on. The way the Lions have played this year, they could just as easily be 0-4. Edmonton has the whole package this year. The Als and Bombers game were slight blips. The West is a race for 2nd.

ps. but this weekend they are going to get slaughtered by the Tabbies...what?.. what? could happen!!!

.......this post is as dumb as the guy who started it........true, I buy the rounds when my club beats the EEs, which I gotta admit isn't as often as I'd like, but the Eskimos hardly suck........hey doofus lions fan, back it up with something if you're going to spew stupid things like that.......

Lions girl here!

I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO AUG 5th almost as much as tomorrows game against the Stamps. Two home games that are going to make the cowboys cry.

We have some 'consistent' wins up ahead!

Don't count on it Gwennyth... The best pass rush in the CFL is going up against probably the worst or 2nd worst O-line in the league. If all goes well, Dickenson should be on his ass for a good part of the game. I can't wait to see it....

ya, Montford is finally coming into his old form, he is gonna have a field day with BC, their o-line in pass protect is worse than ours

Do you want to think twice with that comment?

Ready to give us 6 - 0, Eskimos? :slight_smile:

Lions are simply too stong to lose to the Eskimos. This potent offence has not even exploded to their potential in any of the games. I am expecting for them to come out on August the 5th and crush Ricky and those Eskies.

hey , you ladies from B.C

w/e you have to say to make yourselves think you have a chance

Whatever we have to say to have a chance? Considering the Lions have not lost at home in over a year and are undefeated and on a cfl high 5 game winning streak, I think its funny you say the lions dont have much of a chance at winning this game!

Eskies are going to be spanked! But far from sucking (see Riders)

why dont redwhite, me, and the socialist from bc shut up and wait till game day

Let me guess which one you are it can not be me or redandwhite

because their defence is obviously better than the Lions, but not this week with Sanchez and Frank out.

frank is going to play, but sanchez out hurts us evn more than lossing hervey. If sanchez is in I think we beat BC rather handily but now it will be close. I'm hoping we can pull it out. Our D line is going to eat up BCs OL though.

RUNnealonRUN... watch what you say.
There is no way the Eskimos will win on Friday. hahahahaha I look forward to chatting after the game.
The Lions went easy on the Stamps last week.... saving their skills and energy to THRASH the Esks. D's and O's will be the best yet this game!

well see on gameday who will come out on top
go esks go