How come nobody is talking about how all the CFL Grey Cups are being added for free in 2021 on

It's live! Head to this page to see the current slate of games available:


Looking through the available games, this is going to be really great. I'm so glad the league decided to do this!

One last question, will the games be uploaded in 60fps where available (I'm assuming the 40's, 50's and maybe 60's footage wasn't 60fps)? Or will all of the games be uploaded at 1080p30fps?

The footage looks great, can't wait to see the different footage throughout the decades. (I'm still holding out for 2005 - 2012 HD footage :slight_smile:)

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I’m watching the 58 game at the moment. Win vs Ham from Vancouver. It is much better than I thought it would be. I’ve got it on a 55” screen.
No ads, got to like that. Seems no such thing as late hits in those days, real turf, only one camera from what it seems, commentators aren’t to bad, over all play is very good. I’m quite enjoying this. 14 - 6 Ham, first quarter.

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Anyone know when the first colour broadcast was?

Its good to see, I bet I can predict who wins everyone of them

35 - 28 Win . In the 4 Th. Good game, rough

The first colour telecast of a Grey Cup game was in 1966:

"Fred Sgambati carried the action of the 1966 Grey Cup game from Vancouver between Ottawa and Saskatchewan with continued sponsorship by Labatt's. The 1966 Grey Cup was notable for being the first football telecast in colour. While kinescopes of the 1952 and 1953 Grey Cup games are not available, all succeeding Grey Cup games from 1954 to 1970 have been preserved on the kinescope format, with the first Grey Cup game originally televised in colour also being saved on videotape."

No spoilers in the forum please! :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for doing this! It's brilliant!

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There's also a chance the full game film just doesn't exist anymore. They could have pieced it together from news broadcast clips

off the top of my head, I could watch the 89, 91,94,96, and 97 games many times over.

Be nice if this also included other post season games.

The Cups are good to see. Will any of the semi-finals or finals ever be available in this format. Some of those were also classics.

I'd like talk about why it's so hard to find on

Edit: I am absolutely AMAZED. This is an incredible trove of relics that is absolutely stunning in both quality, especially starting in 1954, and range. The 42nd Grey Cup is AWESOME. I had no idea. I never thought I would ever see this. What an incredible legacy the CFL has. Gimme some of that Prestone antifrreeze :smiley:

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In honesty - probably not, unless we're talking about from 2014 onwards.

Agreed! I just added it under the Video menu item; not sure why it's not front and centre on the home page right now though.


Watching these old films it really doesn't seem like the game has changed very much at all over all those years. I did make me wonder though, who was the last guy to play a game both ways? On offence and defence. I know Bill Munsey did it in the 64 GC game but that was only because of an injury and it wasn't the entire game.

I think it's due to the CFL fanbase being old, getting older, and sadly dwindling.

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I wondered the same thing. There's going to be some great trivia questions come out of all these videos.
I'd like to see these eventually annotated with pop-up facts, such as links to info on players as they're mentioned, players highlighted on certain plays, call-outs to Hall of Famers, and facts about some of the things only talked about in the broadcast, such as the first time all players had to wear socks. I'd love to know more about some of these guys. It was fun to look them up as they were brought up, but most people aren't lucky enough to own a copy of The Canadian Pro Football Encyclopedia. There was one guy who left the game with an injury. His two years in the CRU was over, and I wonder if he ever played football again.
Anyway, these videos are a true treasure. I'm so glad they have finally been restored and preserved. Kudos to all that made that happen.

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And with a mouse pointer you have your own built in instant replay.


Yeah. That too. Though it's pretty easy to do instant replay on YouTube using either the J & L keys (back/forward 10sec.) or the left and right arrows (back/forward 5 sec.).

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