How come nobody is talking about how all the CFL Grey Cups are being added for free in 2021 on

Seems like a pretty big deal

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...I’m probably the outlier here, but I’ve never gone back and watched any grey cup game after it’s been played...

What do you mean "nobody" is talking about it? you are

I started work on this today! There's web stuff to build, user access stuff to build, and we want the videos cleaned up before they're posted. I should start on the design tasks now...


Good and fair point that we have not talked about this enough. This is long overdue and a great tool for both current and potentially new CFL fans (especially us current fans).
Looking forward to it Sully, and please keep us posted.



I replied to it on Linkedin when I got the notification about 3 weeks back. I wrote this was long overdue. Its about time they had this done. I'd like to see Classic Games in general. Not just Grey Cups. Past Playoff Games, Labour Day Classics etc.


I have watched 94 lions cup run, as well as Flutie led argos cups. I think also the Dunigan led argos one as well.

It's not a new thing for us. But it is for you, because our 150+ year old football tradition is new to you, but not to us. That's why no one was posting about it.

Would you like us to tell you how to access old Super Bowl games? Seems like a fair trade.

I don't think you are the only one. I watch very few replays of any game that I have already seen. Even then it has to be one that I really enjoyed. I would never watch a replay of any game that does not involve the Riders. I will watch (happily) live games between other teams but not a replay.

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Would love to see 1950 Mud Bowl or the 1962 Fog Bowl in full instead of highlights.

Love to see the evolution of Canadian Football through the various Grey Cups.

yes, okay, I could get interested in such games for the reasons you have mentioned, but I don't think I would be interesting in much after about 1980.

Would actually like to see other games if they are available .

Tons of old games on YouTube but the 80's back it's hard to find some games . The east final in 76 in Ottawa was so cool to watch it's too bad it's just a portion of the game .

I could only find a small one at Clarke stadium Edmonton .

Like to see an old regular season game at the Autostade . Seen older ones' with small clips at McGill .

If they can find any games from the 60's and 70's televised that show the stadium and atmosphere I find it interesting to watch . The old commercials are always interesting as well .

Something about those older games seem to fascinate me.

Love the black and white, old single bar helmets and the ball without stripes.

When did the CFL start using the white stripes on the ball?

We've data around this - the truth of it is that very few people actually want to see games that are in the past; it's a live viewing thing in to almost complete exclusivity.

In building this viewing portal, I've been debating whether to add the ability to create a playlist of Grey Cup games - but I won't because games are 3+ hours long and who's really going to watch a bunch back to back? Still, happy to get these online and public.

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Looking forward to the announcement and for this I do hope we get some blizzard here but I think here more snow is going to wait until February and March

I'm looking forward to the big reveal! Go Sully! Go Sully! :grinning:

All of the web stuff got completed yesterday; now it's over to the content group here to crank through the videos! (I did follow the absolutely key advice of @Andrew and re-interlaced every video before 2000.)

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That's super awesome to hear, I can't wait to see the finished product! Once you reach the 2000's, will it be the HD footage (either 720p/1080p) for each game from 2005 - 2019?

Super excited to have something to look forward to watching each week!

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Thank you again - I actually followed your YouTube video instructions but swapped in use of FFMpeg at the end to do command line batch encoding of 10 videos at a time.

It seems like the 2005 Grey Cup was the first one available in HD (720p); I actually asked the same question of the Content folks. I know we have 2012 and onwards in 1080p but I'm not sure about the 2005 - 2012 period.

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I'm really glad I could help, and I wish I could take credit for those Andrew Swan videos but funnily enough, our names are simply a coincidence. In fact, I didn't even know about his channel when I posted my initial comment about QTGMC; how weird is that? But after watching those videos, I'm ecstatic that he made the updated video in perfect timing to help you out as he did a far better explanation about the process than I could.

I really hope the HD versions of the 2005 - 2012 period show up, I love watching games broadcasted in HD during it's initial rollout. It would be a shame to miss out seeing the games in their highest quality, I know TSN aired the HD versions of the 2009 and 2010 Grey Cups as well as the HD version of Milt Stegall's record breaking game from 2007 during their CFL encore program this year, so I know they exist somewhere! Unless TSN and the CFL have different archives...

Regardless, I can't wait to see the cleaned up footage in all its "original" glory!

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