How Chris Jones created havoc for Tiger-Cats

I wanted to share a story with you from Regina Leader-Post:

Chris Jones created havoc for Tiger-Cats

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Interesting stuff ?!

Pretty sad when 4 can outplay 6. Four defensive Lineman vs five offensive Lineman and a tailback. The same tailback that very rarely runs and is used primarily as a blocking back. Both tackles Fulton and Swindle looked horrible. I am surprised there has not been any offensive tackles signed that can actually block. You would think if Austin cares less about the run game, the offensive line would be a pilar of strength and not an obvious weakness. As it stands Collaros needs a lot of support from getting re-injured again.

So the Riders widened their defensive line? I'm thinking this would create a great opportunity to start running the ball right up the middle.

Oh. Right.

Swindle and Foulton are a BIG problem :thdn: other teams are going to exploit the O line all season , they are really stupid not to bring in Masoli when nothing else is working to run or gun it ?!

Wow, so coaching adjustments work? Who knew? :roll:

How many OL do we go through before we stop blaming the players and start questioning the coaching?

Swindle and Fulton both got beat like rented mules by Toronto and Saskatchewan front four. So who do you hang this on? Offensive line coach? The actual talent brought in by the GM? The Offensive scheme? Fulton is an experienced tackle and Swindle is relatively new to to the CFL but not football in general. Talent and being somewhat athletic is important. Both of these guys really looked out of place on the field. Hard to believe Jeremy Lewis was cut before TC and they are left with several untested tackles. The coaches obviously were impressed by the "new" tackles brought into camp, unfortunately the other teams defense are NOT impressed at all.