Calgary pulled what I think is a totally classless act. Short kicking after driving 75 yards in three plays. It was classless because it is in Hamilton and in reality the Stamps should be able to win. It was very early in the 1st quarter and in my opinion was not done for any reason other than to try to humilate the Cats.

Nothing wrong with it in my opinion, and im not a fan of either team. It's early in the game and only up by 7, this isn't peewee football where you try not to hurt anyone's feelings.

Suck it up, buttercup.

Welcome to Stamp football: no class.

...shut the hell up you two whiners, look at how Hamilton is rallying back, good for them...and Mark7, you're a doofus, whiner....

its not cheap by any means, no team goes into another's stadium thinking they WILL beat them or
have an easy time. as for doing an onside kick, you do whatever it takes to win, you don't worry about hurting the other teams' feelings. whoever thinks its classless because calgary should know they're going to win is a donkey. stupid post, i'd be ashamed of that post if it was mine. its football. just win,its the beginning of the game and get the points when you think you can, period.

             CITY LEGEND

...amen brother legend, amen...

If the ti-cats pulled that off you'd be singing a different tune. It's just football man, and it's a fair play.

....if the Ticats had us by the throat I would salute that play....

Perhaps if Calgary is up by 35 and it's late in the 4th quarter I'd call it cheap, but at that stage of the game it could have easily backfired and given Hamilton excellent field position.

...even then dust, even then...a couple of years ago I whined that Buono called a short kick on the stamps when they had us by the nuts and in hindsight it was wrong, I reacted foolishly, and Buono made the RIGHT do everything in your power to win, or cause the other team grief and sorrow, no matter what the score is, cause if the other team is not going to give it 100% to 59:59 then you make them pay....

Are you kidding me! you snivelers, its a game of strategy too. Should the Stamps feel sorry for the Cats and mail them 2 points. Drop dead whiners!!!

good move by the stamps. Try to bury them in the first few minutes and it makes the game easier. Looks right now (start of 2nd half) that the Stamps could be in for a battle.

...going to our son's F'ball game now with Mrs. R&W (8pm, Div.1 Calgary HS Athletics, Churchill [yay] vs. St Francis [boo]), so I won't be able to defend my position on the comments I have made can shred as you see fit, but I stand by my opinion regardless....whiners....

Why would they schedule the games on a Stamps game night!

shakes fist

Wow... Someone's in a mood tonight... :lol:

Imagine his mood when he gets home from his sons game and finds out the score... :frowning:

Narles did you took your dumb pills tonight. Keep it up some day you will surpass Kanga for brilliance. Just to funny.

I think you got into his stash as well rw05 :wink:

One of the coaches for the Stamps experienced a heart attack.